TOYS ALLIANCE 2024年7月發售: 1/18 Full Action Figure Series Acid Rain FAV-A106 Sand Waterstrider QM3s(沙地挺進者QM3s)

Toys Alliance X Acid Rain
FAV-A106 沙地挺進者QM3s
比例:3.75吋 1/18


– Sand Waterstrider QM3s / 沙地挺進者QM3s / 砂ウオターストライダー QM3s x 1
– PB-Shield / 便攜式防爆盾 / PB-シールド x 2

Toys Alliance X Acid Rain
FAV-A106 Sand Waterstrider QM3s
Release Date:END OF JUL 2024
Scale:3.75inch 1/18

The Sand Waterstrider QM3s is an all-terrain quadrupedal vehicle able to operate autonomously or installed on a trailer pulled by an Ankylo truck, which then frees up Strider drivers to focus exclusively on unloading its heavy firepower turret, providing excellent suppressive fire when supporting the front lines. When walking autonomously, it can be directly piloted by a human operator or remote controlled over short distances, effectively turning it into a self-propelled, mobile turret that works in conjunction with infantry to either advance the lines or defend key bases of operations.