TOYS ALLIANCE 2024年7月發售: 1/18 Full Action Figure Series Acid Rain FAV-A105 Zeynep(澤伊內普)

Toys Alliance X Acid Rain

FAV-A105 澤伊內普
比例:3.75吋 1/18

直到一個流浪者經過,解放了這個礦區。澤伊內普的父母懇求他帶走澤伊內普,因為他們的身體長期受到酸雨的侵害,已經時日不多了。但澤伊內普還有救,還有未來。澤伊內普跟著流浪者數月,幾經輾轉去到亞格斯邊境。進入亞格斯難民營後,澤伊內普聽到很多傳聞,其中一個應該和那個流浪者有關,他的斗篷下穿著荒漠指揮官的盔甲,他就是那個「白蠑螈」! 原本內心只有憤怒和絕望的澤伊內普,彷佛看到了不一樣的世界。待澤伊內普成為荒漠指揮官時,她手上是沾滿了冰冷的鮮血,來自那些冷血無情的惡棍。但同時,澤伊內普的內心更溫暖了,她得到了更多被救者祝福、感謝和笑臉。

– Zeynep / 澤伊內普 / ゼイネップ x 1
– Gas Mask / 防毒面具 / ガスマスク x 1
– Coretta Elite Pistol / 科雷塔精英手槍 / 「コレッタ」 エリート ピストル x 1
– AP6T Tactical Pistol / AP6T戰術手槍 / AP6T タクティカルピストル x 1
– Machine Gun Magazine / 機槍彈匣 / 機関銃マガジン x 3
– ASR-35 Sniper Rifle / ASR-35狙擊步槍 / ASR-35 スナイパーライフル x 1
– Belt bag / 腰包 / ベルトバッグ x 1
– Gear Buckle / 裝備扣 / ギヤバクル x 1
– Water Bottle / 水壺 / 水瓶 x 1
– Magazine Pouch / 彈匣袋 / マガジンポーチ x 1

Toys Alliance X Acid Rain
FAV-A105 Zeynep
Release Date:END OF JUL 2024
Scale:3.75inch 1/18

Zeynep was born in the Vlachia Gray Zone, to the north of Agurts, adjacent to the Iron Cliffs. The place was filled with acid rain and poison gas, but also contained rich deposits of mutated rare minerals. Local warlords forced Zeynep and her family to head into those dangerous mines and mine the minerals in an exchange for daily essentials, gas masks, and gas mask filters (which were so valuable they even served as a form of currency). She grew up witnessing people around her dying of starvation and illness; most of the time the corpses were naked, since clothes were also a valuable resource, and quickly stripped from bodies.
Until one day when a wanderer passed the mining site and liberated them. Zeynep’s parents pleaded with him to take their daughter with him, as their bodies were corroded by the acid rain, and they could not survive for long. But Zeynep, she still had a chance at a better life. So Zeynep traveled with the wanderer for months, finally arriving at the border of Agurts. In the refugee camp of Agurts, she heard a lot of rumors, one of them related to the wanderer – under his cape, he was wearing the armor of a Sol Commander, he was actually the famed White Salamander! Her heart no longer filled with anger and despair, instead, she could see a different world – a better world. Eventually, when she became the Sol Commander, even though her hands were stained with the blood of ruthless and cold-blooded villains, still her heart felt warmer than ever, because of all the blessings, gratitudes, and smiles she received from the people she had saved.