TOYS ALLIANCE 2023年12月發售: 1/18 Full Action Figure Series Acid Rain FAV-A91 Marine Waterstrider QM3m

Toys Alliance X Acid Rain
FAV-A91 Marine Waterstrider QM3m
Scale:3.75inch 1/18

FAV-A91 海陸挺進者 QM3m
比例:3.75吋 1/18

The Marine Waterstrider QM3m is an all-terrain quadrupedal vehicle able to operate autonomously or installed on a trailer pulled by an Ankylo truck, which then frees up Strider drivers to focus exclusively on unloading its heavy firepower turret, providing excellent suppressive fire when supporting the front lines. When walking autonomously, it can be directly piloted by a human operator or remote controlled over short distances, effectively turning it into a self-propelled, mobile turret that works in conjunction with infantry to either advance the lines or defend key bases of operations. Waterstrider were first utilized in the Niah Gray Zone where the Federation wages a proxy war with Omangan Imperial agents, and have since been used by the 303 as vanguard units to help push back pirates and marauders in the swampy and jungle terrain on the storm-ridden southern Agurtan coastline.

海陸挺進者 QM3m是一款全地形載具,既可以搭載在甲龍牽引的拖車上,作為重火力炮塔在進行前線支援時提供壓制火力;也可以由士兵進行自主駕駛或短距離遠程操控,成為移動炮台配合步兵陣線推進或守衛行動基地。亞格斯聯邦在尼亞戈雷區與奧曼加帝國代理人作戰中首次使用挺進者。此後,第303海軍陸戰隊為部署在被風暴肆虐的亞格斯南部海岸線沼澤和叢林地帶的先鋒部隊配備挺進者,抗擊海盜和掠奪者的侵襲。

– Marine Waterstrider QM3m / 海陸挺進者 QM3m / 海産挺進兵 QM3m x 1
– MG-85 Machine Gun / MG-85 通用機槍 / MG-85 機関銃 x 1
– 「Mower」 MG-97E Machine Gun / 「割草機」MG-97E 通用機槍 / 「Mower」 MG-97E 機関銃 x 1
– Tripod / 三腳架 / 三脚x 1
– Spade Grip / 鏟形手柄 / スペードグリップ x 1
– PB-Shield / 便攜式防爆盾 / PB-シールド x 2