TOYS ALLIANCE 2023年12月發售: 1/18 Full Action Figure Series Acid Rain FAV-A90 Serpent Speeder MKL2m

Toys Alliance X Acid Rain
FAV-A90 Serpent Speeder MKL2m
Scale:3.75inch 1/18

FAV-A90 海蛇斯比達 MKL2m
比例:3.75吋 1/18

Navigating the marshy terrain in Agurts southern flatlands near the shore can be difficult, yet speed is of the essence to respond to pirate attacks before they have the time to carry out a successful raid. To address this tactical necessity, Agurtan Army engineers produced a modified version of the Speeder Mk1, which they designated the “Serpent” Speeder MkL2m.
The Serpent combines the speed of its predecessor with the flexible deployability of an all-terrain vehicle. Its thick tires are perfect for chewing through swamps, and its chassis is coated with a specially designed waterproof camo paint. Winding quickly across the bog and mire, the Serpent allows the troops of the 303rd Marine division to strike quickly, repel pirate incursions, and ultimately – to secure the safety of the southern reaches of the Agurts Federation.

在靠近亞格斯南部海岸的平原沼澤地帶駕駛載具會相當困難。在海盜有足夠時間成功突襲之前,速度是取勝關鍵。 為了解決這一戰術需要,亞格斯軍方的工程師根據斯比達 MK1改造生產出海蛇斯比達 MKL2m。
海蛇斯比達 MKL2m承襲了其前身的速度和全地形車的靈活部署能力,大型越野輪胎適合穿越泥潭和沼澤,底盤塗有特製的防水迷彩漆。使第303海軍陸戰隊能夠快速出擊,擊退海盜入侵,最終確保亞格斯南部地區的安全。

– Serpent Speeder MKL2m / 海蛇斯比達 MKL2m / セルパンスピーダー MKL2m x 1
– MG09b Machine Gun / MG09b機槍 / MG09b 機関銃 x 1
– Weapon Stand / 武器支架 / 武器スタンド x 1
– 「Hummingbird」 MP-17 Machine Pistol / 「蜂鳥」 MP-17 衝鋒手槍 / 「ハミングバード」MP-17全自動拳銃 x 2