TOYS ALLIANCE 2023年8月發售: 1/18 Full Action Figure Series ACID RAIN FAV-A88 Lionheart Laurel LV6f

Toys Alliance X Acid Rain

FAV-A88 獅心鍩戎LV6f
比例:3.75吋 1/18

獅心鍩戎LV6f 是一款靈活的四輪辛克羅機甲,F109部隊經常使用它來守衛自己的高炮車炮擊陣地。因為一旦失去遠程炮火掩護,前線的士兵將會陷入十分被動的局面。獅心鍩戎雖然不能像高炮車那樣提供強大的遠程打擊能力,但有著更全面的支援作戰能力。除了有用於近距離交戰的常規辛克羅機甲武器和中近程火炮外,還有對付敵方空襲的熱誘餌彈。當敵人通過地形隱匿在射擊盲區時,可展開輔助射擊平台,搭乘觀察員進行較准射擊。獅心鍩戎確保了F109部隊和高炮車能夠順利完成他們的任務,在炮火紛飛的戰場上取得勝利。
– Lionheart LV6f / 獅心鍩戎LV6f / ライオンハート ローレル LV6f x 1
– Auxiliary Platform / 輔助平台 / 補助プラットフォーム x 1
– Control Panel / 控制台 / 制御盤 x 1
– Box Magazine / 盒式彈匣 / 箱弾倉 x4
– ASMG6 Submachine Gun / ASMG6衝鋒槍 / ASMG6 たんきかんじゅう x 1

Toys Alliance X Acid Rain

FAV-A88 Lionheart Laurel LV6f
Scale:3.75inch 1/18

The Lionheart is a flexible, four-wheeled SA unit often used by the troops of the F109 to defend their Flakbike’s bombardment positions. In this it serves an essential battlefield role, since if the long-range support shelling of the Flakbikes should be lost, the soldiers on the front will find it almost impossible to break through enemy lines. And while not offering quite the same power as the Flakbike, the Lionheart is well-equipped to act in a supportive capacity. It has thermal decoy flares for dealing with enemy air forces, as well as both short- and medium-range shelling cannons, in addition to the normal SA small arms for close-range engagements. Handily, it also has an auxiliary platform that can be deployed when targeting enemies hiding in blind spots, empowering the pilot to take more accurate shots. The Lionheart makes sure that the Flakbikes and the F109 can do their job and carry home victory on the battlefield under a hail of artillery fire.