TOYS ALLIANCE 2023年8月發售: 1/18 Full Action Figure Series ACID RAIN FAV-A87 Nadia

Toys Alliance X Acid Rain

FAV-A87 納迪婭
比例:3.75吋 1/18


– Nadia / 納迪婭 / ナディア x 1
– TAR-37 Assault Rifle / TAR-37突擊步槍 / TAR-37自動小銃 x 1
– Briefcase / 手提箱 / ブリーフケース x 1
-「Stapler」 submachine gun / 「訂書機」衝鋒槍 / 「ホチキス」小型軽機関銃 x 1
– Gas Mask / 防毒面具 / ガスマ x 1

Toys Alliance X Acid Rain
FAV-A87 Nadia
Scale:3.75inch 1/18

She had always been a rebel. That’s what her mother would always say. “What have you done now, Nadia?” had been a constant refrain of her childhood. She would argue with her teachers. She dyed her hair purple-blue and wore the most outrageous things she could find. She got into fights around town – although she would say she was just protecting her friends. Still, despite all the trouble she caused, no one could doubt her abilities: she was tough as nails and smart as a whip, always at the top of her class.
After being accepted to the University of Auth, she became interested in working on SA development, but her punkish attitude made it difficult for other scientists to cooperate with her, despite her obvious intelligence. It was during this time that she met a leader from the Agurtan military, who admired her smarts and her strength of spirit. He offered her the chance to train as an SA pilot for the Lionheart Laurel LV6f. She took it.
Eventually assigned to the F109 Artillery, Nadia won plaudits for her lightning fast reactions to attempted enemy assaults. For her, it came naturally: her stubborn resilience gives her the courage to defend, while her quick wit makes her a canny reader of the battlefield who knows just when to turn from defense to offense. The youthful rebel now Agurt’s purplish blue-haired bulwark, a spirit that can never be broken!