HOT TOYS 2024年6月15日發售: “Diorama Series”場景系列《IRON MAN3》1/6 Die-cast Iron Man Mark VII(開甲版) HK$2,330

【Hot Toys 發佈“Diorama Series”場景系列
《鐵甲奇俠3》鐵甲奇俠 Mark VII (開甲版) 1:6比例合金珍藏品】

Hot Toys 除了創製高度還原電影角色的1:6比例珍藏人偶產品外,還致力研發各種不同的珍藏產品系列,現以“Diorama Series”場景系列,發佈《鐵甲奇俠3》鐵甲奇俠 Mark VII (開甲版) 1:6比例合金珍藏品,讓Marvel的粉絲再有機會收藏此珍品!
Hot Toys取材自電影《鐵甲奇俠3》中,Tony Stark 因紐約之戰而得了恐慌症。在電影開端,Tony Stark 因身體不適從餐廳走出,遙控Mark VII背部裝甲打開,讓他瞬間Suit up,並由Jarvis 診斷出他得到恐慌症一幕,以“Diorama Series”場景系列精心製作出整個高逾36cm的《鐵甲奇俠3》鐵甲奇俠 Mark VII (開甲版) 1:6比例合金珍藏品。高逾32.5cm的鐵甲奇俠Mark VII 1:6比例珍藏人偶,細緻飾上鐵甲迷最鍾情的金屬紅、金和銀色塗裝與合金素材,最讓人驚喜的是這款鐵甲奇俠Mark VII具備開甲功能,藉著人偶背面的裝甲活門設計把裝甲打開,裝甲活門分佈於頭盔、肩膀、主幹、手臂與腿部位置,開啟背面裝甲可展現出獨特複雜的内部結構及高科技機械細節;配合上全身不同部位共17個發光系統裝置,可透過Type-C連接線供電或裝置於已接駁電源的地台以啟動LED發光功能,裝甲正面LED發光位置設於圓形胸口反應器,裝甲內部透出LED燈光位置包括頭部、肩膀、主幹、手臀及腿部 (淺藍光),更附有一個配有LED亮燈設計的情景地台 (可透過USB連接線供電或於地台底部裝上三顆3A電池啟動LED發光功能),地台可拆下以獨立展示鐵甲奇俠Mark VII人偶,喜歡鐵甲奇俠系列的朋友不要錯過!

【Iron Man 3 – 1/6th scale Iron Man Mark VII (Open Armor Version) Collectible】
Tony Stark’s near-death experiences during the Battle of New York has left him suffered with severe nightmares and anxiety attacks. At a bar meet up scene with James Rhodes in Iron Man 3, Tony recalled his fight with Chitauri, which forced him to leave the bar and got into the Mark VII suit to test for any faults in his physiology, only to be told nothing was wrong.
Inspired by the remarkable scene from Marvel Studios’ Iron Man 3, Hot Toys is proud to introduce the exhilarating Iron Man Mark VII (Open Armor Version) as 1/6th scale collectible from the Diorama Series, giving you control over the armor pieces.
Engineered with incredible precision, the diecast collectible offers a more realistic impression with selected armor parts moveable to achieve the suit up scene in Iron Man 3. Measures approximately 32.5cm tall, the collectible features a standing armor with streamline design and sculpted interior revealing intricate mechanical composition; metallic colored painting on the armor with weathering effects on exterior; articulated armor pieces at the back of figure for alternate display modes, LED light-up function on arc reactor, and interior armor; a Tony Stark’s workshop inspired diorama display with LED light-up function.
This exciting collectible allows two display options. Power the LED lighted Mark VII figure through USB cable as individual display; or to draw power directly from the diorama base when connected for integrated setting.

The 1/6th scale Iron Man Mark VII (Open Armor Version) Collectible specially features:
– Authentic and detailed likeness of Iron Man Mark VII in Iron Man 3
– Approximately 32.5 cm tall
– Contains diecast material
– Special features on armor:
– Masterfully applied metallic red, gold and silver colored painting on the streamline armor
– LED-light circular arc reactor (power operated)
– LED-lights can shine through interior armor including head, shoulder, main body, arms and legs (blue light, power operated)
– Highly-detailed interior armors and mechanical design
– Specially designed diorama figure stage with LED light-up functions stage (white light, operated by battery or USB power)

Release date: Approximate Q4, 2023 – Q1, 2024

*Prototype shown is not final. Pending licensor approval
**Light up function operated using USB power
***USB connecting cable is not included for collectible, USB-C cable is required
****Battery not included for collectible figure base, 3A batteries (3 pieces) are required
*****Product details could be subjected to change without further notice

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