TOYS ALLIANCE 2023年3月發售: 1/18 Full Action Figure Series Acid Rain FAV-A74 Vespid Vanguard

Toys Alliance X Acid Rain

FAV-A74 胡蜂先鋒
比例:3.75吋 1/18


– Vespid Vanguard / 胡蜂先鋒 / ヴェスピドゥ先陣 x 1
– KZ-4 Pistol / KZ-4手槍 / KZ-4 ピストル x 2
– DX-17 Battle Rifle / DX-17戰鬥步槍 / DX-17 バトルライフル x 1
– K-44 bayonet / K-44刺刀 / K-44 銃剣 x 1
– Grenade / 手榴彈 / 手榴弾 x 1

FAV-A74 Vespid Vanguard
Scale:3.75inch 1/18

Out of all the ruthless members of the AMM, the “Black Bee” squad that defend the Beehive Company, there are some who, like their leader, revel in the chaos. Born and raised in the Gray Zones, these once-mercenaries and scavengers fear nothing and no one, for better or worse. When the fighting starts, they’re the first on the frontlines, crashing into enemy ranks, laughing and hooting, competing to outdo each other in extravagant displays of combat prowess. They are the AMM’s Rapid Reaction Force; they are the Vespid Vanguard. Dispatched to protect the most valuable of Beehive goods, the Vespid Vanguard are on top of their foes before they know what hits them.