TOYS ALLIANCE 2023年3月發售: 1/18 Full Action Figure Series Acid Rain FAV-A73 Yellowjacket Captain

Toys Alliance X Acid Rain

FAV-A73 黃蜂隊長
比例:3.75吋 1/18


– Yellowjacket Captain / 黃蜂隊長 / イェロージャケット隊長 x 1
– KZ-4 Pistol / KZ-4手槍 / KZ-4 ピストル x 2
– DX-17 Battle Rifle / DX-17戰鬥步槍 / DX-17 バトルライフル x 1
– K-44 bayonet / K-44刺刀 / K-44 銃剣 x 1
– Grenade / 手榴彈 / 手榴弾 x 1

FAV-A73 Yellowjacket Captain
Scale:3.75inch 1/18

The AMM are unique among professional mercenary forces in that most of its recruits are former outlaws and almost all are Zoners – these are troops who have never had any sort of organization or structure in their lives. Mason, the leader of the AMM, knows this, knows his men need someone with a cool head, someone who will look at the bigger picture, read the ebb and flow of combat and morale, and strike decisively at the right moment. These are the so-called Yellowjacket Captains, the core of the AMM personally chosen by Mason. Born and raised in the Zones, hardened by constant fighting and scrapping for survival, the Yellowjackets are older and more grizzled, and won’t take any crap from the other AMM young guns. Add to that the finest tech that Beehive can buy – including armor with an in-built computer as well as a special suite of weapons rewarded by Mason for outstanding performance – and you have a tactical force to be reckoned with.