TOYS ALLIANCE 預定2019年11月發售: 1/18 Full Action Figure Series ACID RAIN WORLD FAV-A08 Stealth Camelbot HR12e 港幣建議售價: HKD350

FAV-A08 Stealth Camelbot HR12e

潛襲駱駝人 HR12e是從N.A.U.S引進的可變形機械士兵,常被作為先遣兵進入重污染地區作戰或執行高危任務。在「駱駝」模式下可額外增加單兵或小隊的整體負重量,提高持續作戰能力;在「人形」模式下,擁有如同人類士兵般的靈活性,可使用多種武器進行作戰支援。

The Stealth Camelbot HR12e is a transformable mechanical soldier imported from the N.A.U.S. These robotic units are often sent as first recon for operations in hazardous regions, where they transform between two distinct operating modes. In transport mode, the Camelbot acts as auxiliary support, while in humanoid mode, it performs complex tasks and operates a wide variety of weapons with the agility of a human soldier.

– 潛襲駱駝人 HR12e/ Stealth Camelbot HR12e x 1
– AAR11 突擊步槍 / AAR11 Assault Rifle x 2