TOYS ALLIANCE 預定2019年11月發售: 1/18 Full Action Figure Series ACID RAIN WORLD FAV-A07 潛襲特種兵套裝 (Stealth Trooper set) 港幣建議售價: HKD440

FAV-A07 潛襲特種兵套裝 Stealth Trooper set

潛襲特種兵是從亞格斯全軍偵察兵中挑選的精英,進行了大量隱秘行動技巧和信息戰方面的訓練。首要任務是深入敵後進行偵察行動,為後續作戰提供及時有效的情報。配備的角馬越野電單車載有「夜蝶」軍用無人機,可以不受地形影響獲取情報及進行跟蹤定位。潛襲特種兵可以快速更換「夜蝶」的機載配件,執行通信中繼、電子干擾、精確打擊、火力支援等戰略和戰術任務 。

Stealth Troopers infiltrate deep into enemy territory and provide timely intelligence for follow-up operations. Stealth Troopers are selected from the best recon units in the Agurts military and further trained in stealth techniques and information warfare. The Stealth Trooper’s vehicle of choice, the Stealth Wildebeest, is equipped with the prototypical Night Wing military drone, which can operate at high altitudes to track and surveil targets silently from afar.

– 潛襲特種兵 / Stealth Trooper x 1
– 潛襲角馬 / Stealth Wildebeest x 1
-「夜蝶」軍用無人機 / Night Wing Military Drone x 1
– AP2手槍 / AP2 Pistol x 2
– AAR7突擊步槍 / AAR7 Assault Rifle x 1
-「鐵拳」戰壕刀 / 「Iron Fist」Trench Knife x 1
-「狩獵者」格鬥匕首 / 「Huntsman」 Combat Knife x 1