HOT TOYS 1/6 Action Figure《JUSTICE LEAGUE》Wonder Woman (Deluxe Version) HK$1,530

【全新設計植髮頭雕與女神戰服 豪華版本額外配備 Amazonian Mother Box 及黑色斗篷】

Hot Toys 繼推出了《正義聯盟》蝙蝠俠(戰甲版) 、閃電俠及水行俠的 1:6 比例珍藏人偶後,現公佈推出電影唯一超級女英雄 ─ 神奇女俠 1:6 比例珍藏人偶,各路英雄聚首,以對抗即將對地球造成威脅的外星敵軍。
神奇女俠人偶的極像真頭雕由 Hot Toys 韓國團隊以高超工藝、細緻刻劃出演員姬嘉鐸(Gal Gadot) 所飾演神奇女俠一角的面部輪廓,黃金頭冠配合植髮技術為頭雕營造出強烈而豐富的層次感。此外,Hot Toys 根據演員的身型比例而設計出一個高約 29cm、具 17 個可動關節的人偶素體,其上半身及雙腿部分採用包膠設計,除可隱藏活動關節,更能塑造出自然的肌肉線條,完美展現女神矯健靈巧的身型和性感身段曲線!
服飾方面,金屬感的裝甲戰衣以紅、藍色為主調,配上戰損塗裝效果及全新設計的裝甲長靴。此外,根據角色造型設定除了配備了一條真言套索(Lasso of Truth)、兩對馴服之鐲 (正常與仿發光的戰鬥狀態)、盾牌與神劍作武器外,更追加了兩條揮動形態的真言套索和 4 顆以磁石磁貼在馴服之鐲上的仿發光特效組件,以還原神奇女俠在電影中發出神力去抵擋子彈和近距離擊退敵人的幕幕血脈沸騰的動作場面。
以上為普通版本可備有的造型與裝備的設定,而豪華版本的神奇女俠 1:6 比例珍藏人偶將額外配備了黑色毛毛斗篷一件和塗裝上金屬紅色的 Amazonian Mother Box 一個。

【Justice League – 1/6th scale Wonder Woman (Deluxe Version) Collectible Figure】

“Don’t engage alone, we do this together.”
In just a few days, the epic blockbuster Justice League by DC Comics will be arriving at worldwide theatres! Alongside with Batman, Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg, the warrior princess is one of the key members to unite the league and defend the world against their new evil villain! With high anticipation, Hot Toys is elated to introduce the eagerly awaited 1/6th scale Wonder Womancollectible figure from Justice League!
Delicately crafted based on the appearance of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in the movie, the figure features a newly painted head sculpt with long curly dark brown real fabric hair and Wonder Woman’s signature tiara, a specialized body tailored for Wonder Woman, expertly tailored armor with battle damage and weathering effect. Aside from the amazingly detailed costume, the figure also comes with assorted weapons and accessories such as a sword, a shield with weathering effect, two pairs of Wonder Woman’s signature “Bracelets of Submissions”, her “Lasso of Truth”, bullet sparkling effects, and a specially designed Justice League themed figure stand.
This Deluxe Version will specially include an additional black colored hooded robe, a leather-like dark brown colored cross-body belt and an Amazonian Mother Box offering greater display flexibility for the fan-favorite “Warrior Princess”!