BEAST KINGDOM(野獸國) 2017年第1季發售: Egg Attack Action EAA-045《Star Wars: Rogue One》Darth Vader


 6吋可動公仔
 多達26處關節可動
 頭盔、胸甲、腿甲經過電鍍處理,在光源下呈現金屬光澤
 胸口內藏LED燈與內建發聲音效系統,重現劇中經典的呼吸聲
 披風與背心採用真實布料
 專屬光劍握柄
 附贈替換手掌三對
 附贈專屬支架

Anakin Skywalker long-awaited by fans is back! Beast Kingdom releases the EAA-045 Darth Vader. With the classic light-emitted device on the chest and the familiar breathing sound, Beast Kingdom shocks fans again with Anakin Skywalker’s strong energy field. To faithfully re-present the setting in the film, Beast Kingdom makes Anakin Skywalker’s cape and vest with real fabrics and metal wire at the lap for fans to make different heroic pose for Darth Vader. By coating the figure with different coloring techniques, Darth Vader is presented in different levels of luster. The flat paint is used to present the fabric touch of Anakin Skywalker’s clothes and pants in contrast to his electroplated helmet, check armor, and leg armor to bring up the lowly luxury of the classic black. There are three pairs of extra palms and the indispensable lightsaber in the Star Wars series. The dark force led by Anakin Skywalker will surely shock fans through the spread of Beast Kingdom.
 6-inch moveable figure
 Up to 26 moveable joints.
 Electroplated helmet, chest armor, and leg armor with metal luster under lighting.
 Built-in LED and sound effect system in the chest to re-present the classic breathing sound as heard in the film.
 Real fabric cape and vest.
 Exclusive handle for the lightsaber
 Three extra pairs of palms for free
 Exclusive metal stand
Retail Price:US$ 73
Release Date:2017, Q1