BEAST KINGDOM(野獸國) 2017年第1季發售: Egg Attack Action EAA-046《Star Wars: Rogue One》Stormtrooper


 6吋可動公仔
 多達26處關節可動
 因應電影【星球大戰外傳:俠盜一號】上映,全新舊化上色版本。頭部、脖子、手腕與膝蓋採用新規造型,重現更多帝國暴風兵細節
 ABS材質SE-14爆能手槍與金屬材質E-11爆能槍
 附贈替換手掌三對
 附贈專屬支架

Beast Kingdom is proud to present the essential villain of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – the Stormtrooper. Unique armor aging effects boost product realism significantly while adding to the diversity of Star Wars products. For faithful reproduction of the Stormtrooper’s appearance in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the head, neck, wrists and knees of the Stormtrooper have been reworked to adhere to new character models. The Stormtrooper also comes fully equipped with weapon accessories such as the SE-14 blaster pistol and E-11 blaster rifle to satisfy Star Wars fans’ stringent adherence to character settings. Figure comes with three sets of interchangeable hands which enhance interactivity. Beast Kingdom is about to kick off a Star Wars craze. One of the most classic characters in the Star Wars movies, the Stormtrooper, is about to realize fan dreams of overseeing a magnificent Empire army. These Stormtroopers are all lined up and awaiting your preorder!
 6-inch moveable figure
 26 moveable joints
 All-new edition with aged coloring as seen in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Head, neck, wrists and knees adhere to new character models, reproducing more details in the Stormtrooper.
 SE-14 blaster pistol made of ABS material, E-11 blaster rifle made of metal
 Comes with three sets of interchangeable hands
 Comes with exclusive stand
Retail Price:US$ 73
Release Date:2017, Q1