BEAST KINGDOM(野獸國) 2016年10月發售: Egg Attack Action EAA-009《Star Wars: Episode V》R2-D2

Egg Attack Action EAA-009星際大戰:帝國大反擊 R2-D2

野獸國隆重推星際大戰最有勇氣的維修機器人EAA-009星際大戰:帝國大反擊 R2-D2 4吋可動公仔,以細緻塗裝呈現R2-D2獨有的藍白外殼,並依照電影設定全身各處細節,更內建投影功,能真實還原經典的莉亞公主求救圖像,除此之外,R2-D2經典替換用工具手臂3種,以及替換用頭頂探測零件2種皆真實還原。
野獸國同時推出EAA-010星際大戰:帝國大反擊C-3PO & R2-D2 雙入組,粉絲千萬不要錯過一次收藏這對星際大戰最佳夥伴的機會!!



Egg Attack Action EAA-009 Star Wars Episode V R2-D2
Beast Kingdom is proud to present the brave, intelligent, and decisive navigation mechanic droid “Egg Attack Action Star Wars Series EAA-009 R2-D2”. The 4-inch action figure is painted with expert technique, perfectly representing the texture of R2-D2’s blue and white armor; the sequencing light-up function also matches the movie setting.
What’s even more exciting? The figure features built-in Princess Leia projection identical to the help message for Ben Kenobi in the movie. Additionally, it also comes with three extending arms, one extending life scanner, and one extending periscope to perform various intergalactic duties.
Collector also can choose the “EAA-010 Star Wars Episode V C-3PO&R2-D2 Combo Set” to make your Star Wars collection even more complete.
*Approximately 4 inches tall
*R2-D2’s blue and white armor is captured with exquisite detail
*Sequencing light-up function
*Princess Leia projection
*Equipped with three (3) extending arms
*Equipped with one (1) extending life scanner
*Equipped with one (1) extending periscope
*Articulated terrain tread legs
*Item number: EAA-009
*UPC number: 4712896100776
*Manufactured by: Beast Kingdom
*Material: ABS, PVC
*Sizing: H9.5 x W5 x L5 cm
*Net weight: 140g
*Box size: H18 x W10.5 x L6.5 cm
*Made in China

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