BEAST KINGDOM(野獸國) 2016年10月發售: Egg Attack Action EAA-008《Star Wars: Episode V》C-3PO

Egg Attack Action EAA-008 星際大戰:帝國大反擊 C-3PO
野獸國隆重推出曾經歷過星際大戰大小戰役,最知名的禮儀機器人EAA-008星際大戰:帝國大反擊C-3PO 6吋可動公仔,以細緻塗裝呈現C-3PO特有金色盔甲與銀色右腿,並依照電影設定全身各處細節,其中C-3PO獨有的網狀眼睛以及獨特手臂滑動機關也真實呈現,全身更採用球型關節連接,以重現電影中C-3PO被支解畫面。
野獸國同時推出EAA-010星際大戰:帝國大反擊C-3PO & R2-D2 雙入組,粉絲千萬不要錯過一次收藏這對星際大戰最佳夥伴的機會!!
Egg Attack Action EAA-008 Star Wars Episode V C-3PO
Beast Kingdom is proud to present the most famous protocol droid “Egg Attack Action Star Wars Series EAA-008 C-3PO”. The 6-inch action figure is painted with expert technique, perfectly representing the texture of C-3PO’s golden color armor and silver color right leg. With special hinge design, its limbs can be scattered just like in the Star Wars movie.
Collector also can choose the “EAA-010 Star Wars Episode V C-3PO&R2-D2 Combo Set” to make your Star Wars collection even more complete.
*Approximately 6 inches tall
*Over 16 points of joints
*C-3PO’s golden color armor and silver color right leg crafted with exquisite detail
*Adjustable couplers arm design
*Three (3) interchangeable hands
*The limbs can be scattered with the special hinge design
*Light-up eyes
*Specially designed figure stand
*Item number: EAA-008
*UPC number: 4712896100769
*Manufactured by: Beast Kingdom
*Material: ABS, PVC
*Sizing: H16 x W6 x L6 cm
*Net weight: 140g
*Box size: H18 x W10.5 x L6.5 cm
*Made in China

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