BEAST KINGDOM(野獸國) 2016年10月發售: Egg Attack Action EAA-036《IRON MAN 3》Iron Man Mark 42

Egg Attack Action:EAA-036 Iron Man 3 – Iron Man Mark 42

野獸國隆重推出鋼鐵人系列電影中最經典Egg Attack Action Iron Man Mark 42可動公仔,多達30處可動關節,以細節呈現鋼鐵人特有高科技質感,臉部、腹部,肩甲、背後風阻器、以及胸口反應爐等細節完全再現,採用鋼鐵金屬質感塗裝,眼睛以及胸口反應爐更內建LED發光機構,配合Egg Attack 系列專屬支架、替換手掌兩件、以及火焰特效配件四件,經典鋼鐵人馬克42帥氣登場。




Beast Kingdom is proud to present the Egg Attack Action Iron Man Mark 42 figurine, from Iron man 3 movie. With 30 points of articulations and full-body engraving, the Iron Man’s facial, armor, back flaps, and chest arc reactor are made to perfectly resemble details represented in the movie. Metallic shine paint alongside LED lighting device embedded within the eyes and chest arc reactor flawlessly recreates Iron Man Mark 42. Each Egg Attack Action Mark 42 comes with bonus parts including the stand, interchangeable palms, and thruster accessories to let collectors display on their behalf.

*Features 30 points of articulations
*Highly realistic engraving along with Iron Man’s signature face, armor, back flaps, and chest arc reactor
*Metallic shine shown through high-quality outer paint
*LED lighting device embedded with the eyes and chest arc reactor
*Comes with exclusive stand, enabling collectors to display at their own preference
*Comes with interchangeable palms (one set of 2 parts), and thruster effect accessory (one set of 4 parts)

*Item Number: EAA-036
*UPC Number: 4713057501081
*Manufactured by: Beast Kingdom
*Sizing: H16 x W4 x L4.5 cm
*Net Weight: 320g
*Box Size: H18 x W10.5 x L6.5 cm
Made in China



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