HEROCROSS 2016年第3季發售: Action Figure Hybrid Metal Figuration Series #033《Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice》Batman HK$698/US$89

HMF#033 Batman (BVS)

How can Batman a human without super power fight against Superman? After witnessing the chaos Superman brought upon Earth, Bruce Wayne is determined to stop the Kryptonian and dons his heavily armored Batsuit to take on the powerful Superman in the “greatest gladiator match in the history of the world! “ Help Batman to collect all the armored parts to fight against Superman!

Price: 698HKD/89USD
Release date: Q3 2016
– LED eyes
– 6 interchangeable hands
– Complete with Batarang and Grapnel Gun
– Part of armor Batsuit (Collect the HMF034 Superman (BvS) and
HMF#035 Wonder Women (BvS) to become Armored Batman)
Height: ~ 14cm
Weight: ~175g
*Release date will be based on the licensor approval and factory’s status.

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