DEVIL TOYS 2015年12月10日起接受訂購,2016年2-3月派貨:1/6 Scale Limited Edition Statue War of Order: SP 01 Wraith – The War-Wolf US$80

War of Order: SP 01 Wraith – The War-Wolf 1/6 Scale Limited Edition Statue will be open for pre- order on Dec 10, 2015 only at,(HK time 11:00AM),

USD 80 with international shipping.

Paypal and Credit card
payments accepted only.

Estimated delivery: Feb-March 2016.

War of Order SP 01 Wraith – The War-Wolf 將於12月10日於 香港時間中午11:00發售,

價格為USD 80, 免費全球付運.

接受信用卡與 paypal 付款



Wraith – The War-Wolf

The wolf was about the same age as me, but life had taken a toll on him as much as it had on my body. He was one of those enhanced Mine Sniffer’s that were so pivotal to the war effort here in Afghanistan. Before the accident, he was strong and lightning fast, but eventually, luck runs out. I was surprised when Dr. Orzae and his son brought in the wolfhound for “repair.” The leg was unsalvageable, so it had to go; parts of the body also had to be modified to accept the prosthetics. I took a shine to him immediately, so I figured I would train him, make him a member of the team: my War-Wolf.

When Dr. Orzae died, his son took over the business. He helps me from time to time, whenever Wraith or I need it. The kid’s good, keeps my parts in check. He’s gonna be a good friend to have in the coming battles. Isn’t that right boy…

#0007—Personal Memory Recording
Secret Master A.K.A: Lieutenant Wesley Walker
February 7, 2047. Timestamp: 1743 Hrs


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