1000toys online shop 2015年12月22日開始受訂購,2016年4月下旬派貨: 1/6 Action Figure 東亞重工 –行試體黑疾 US$220

1/6 Genetic Camo Activity (GCA) Unit Kokto

Price: $220

Estimated shipping period: End of April, 2016

Purchase limit: 2pc/person

The Asian male type of the humanoid Genetic Camo Activity (GCA) Units developed by TOA Heavy Industries, based on their standard Synthetic Human bodies.

Covered in genetic tissue, this humanoid type possesses regenerative powers and was developed to be capable of operating among civilians with lower risk of detection.

Armed with an Electrically Reinforced Battle Mace and a prototype Portable Ballistic Acceleration Device to enable combat capability at any range.

Dispatched by Toa Heavy Industries to track down and eliminate any CaRB units that survived the battle with Anti-CaRB units and escaped to urban areas.

Weapon: Electrically Reinforced Battle Mace, Portable Ballistic Acceleration

1/6 東亜重工製行試体 黒疾(コクト)


出荷予定時期:2016年 4月下旬

販売制限: お一人様2個迄



■1/6 東亜重工製行試体 黒疾(コクト)




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