MAXFACTORY 2016年7月6日發售: 模型 PLAMAX Series SG-02 1/48 Machine Caliber X3752 Striker 12,800Yen連稅



PLAMAX SG-02 Machine Caliber X3752 Striker

“This is your final warning.”

From the anime series ‘Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet’ comes a PLAMAX model kit of the mecha that had a number of battles against Chamber, ‘Machine Caliber X3752 Striker’. Following on from the first model in the series, ‘Machine Caliber K6821 Chamber’, this model includes all the armaments seen in the final battle of the series. The unique shape of the Striker has been carefully made to be faithful to the series, and the cockpit can even be opened and closed to reveal the included pilot figure.
•This is a snap-kit model that can be put together without glue.
•Jointed areas make use of polycaps allowing for the built product to be moved around.
•Weapons include a beam rifle, autocannon and missile launcher.
•A figure of Kugel is included on the same scale.
•Various markings and certain sections of coloring are included as water application decals.

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PLAMAX SG-02 マシンキャリバー X3752 ストライカー


“アニメ『翠星のガルガンティア』より、チェインバーと死闘を繰り広げた「マシンキャリバー X3752 ストライカー」がPLAMAXで登場です。シリーズ第一弾「マシンキャリバー K6821 チェインバー」と同じく最終決戦仕様の各種装備を付属。特徴的なシルエットと可動の再現に加え、頭部ハッチの開閉、パイロットフィギュアを付属した究極のストライカーです。

仕様: ABS&PS&PE組み立て式プラスチックモデル・水転写デカール付属・1/48スケール・全高:約180mm
原型制作: 柳生圭太(ランペイジ)