threezero 9月30日上午9時(香港時間)起預購: 1/6 Action Figure《異獸魔都》開曼(Caiman) HK$1,640/US$210(包括郵遞費用) (現凡於 預購更可獲得額外配件)

After closely working for a while on Dorohedoro project we are very proud and excited to reveal Dorohedoro – Caiman details and announce pre-order date!

1/6th scale Dorohedoro – Caiman collectible stands 36cm (14.7”) tall and is made with very close attention to all the little details. Caiman’s lizard head features exchangeable face parts; comes loaded with a number of weapons, and of course we didn’t forget to include bento box with gyoza!

We will open pre-order for Caiman on September 30th 9:00AM Hong Kong Time at offer it for USD210 with Worldwide Shipping included in the price.

Dorohedoro – Caiman purchased at threezerostore comes with following additional accessories:
*Severed lizard head (top of the skull opens up to reveal brain);
*Formalin jar for storing the severed lizard head;
*Neck joint used to attach the severed lizard head to the body.

Dorohedoro – Caiman collectible details:
*Lizard head with exchangeable face parts (total of 2 face parts);
*Gas mask head;
*Store’s kitchen knife with sheath x 1;
*M7 bayonet knife with sheath x 2;
*M9 bayonet with sheath x 1;
*Bento box with gyoza inside x 2 (comes with cloth wrapping);
*Comes with following exchangeable hands:
-Open hands x 1 pair;
-Fists x 1 pair;
-Hands for holding knives x 1 pair;
-Right hand holding chopsticks.

人氣漫畫家林田球作品:異獸魔都 – 開曼正式人偶化!


9月30日上午9時正在接受預購定價HK1640/USD210(全球包郵)現凡於 預購更可獲得以下額外配件:

異獸魔都 – 開曼(Caiman)可動人偶詳情內容:

threezeroストア にて日本時間9月30日午前10時より予約販売開始です。


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