HASBRO 2024年6月01日發售:6” Scale Action Figure Star Wars The Black Series《星球大戰:複製人侵略》第一階段複製人士兵 (Phase I Clone Trooper) US$24.99/HK$219.9

星球大戰 Black Series:第一階段複製人士兵《星球大戰:複製人侵略》

星球大戰 Black Series 雲集 6′ 動作玩偶、載具和角色扮演道具,全部傳承自有 40 多年歷史的星球大戰宇宙。這個系列玩具擁有精美細節與塗裝,其品質和逼真度絕對讓所有星戰迷為之著迷。願原力與你同在!

《星球大戰:複製人侵略™》:這款動作玩偶取材自《星球大戰:複製人侵略》中的第一階段複製人士兵,不啻為收藏家和 4 歲或以上粉絲的禮物佳選

優質設計和關節:星球大戰™ 粉絲和收藏家可以在珍藏中,展示這款擁有多處可動關節、塗裝和設計忠實還原電影的 6′ 動作玩偶

忠於電影的配件:這款第一階段複製人士兵玩偶隨附可移除頭盔和 2 支發射器配件



內含:玩偶及 3 件配件。

Star Wars The Black Series Phase I Clone Trooper

Star Wars The Black Series includes 6 inch action figures, vehicles, and roleplay items from the 40-plus-year legacy of the Star Wars galaxy. With exquisite features and decoration, this series embodies the quality and realism that Star Wars devotees love. May the Force be with you! (Additional products each sold separately. Subject to availability.)

Includes: Figure and 3 accessories.

STAR WARS: ATTACK OF THE CLONES™: This action figure is inspired by a Phase I clone trooper in the Star Wars: Attack of the Clones film – a great gift for collectors and fans ages 4 and up
PREMIUM DESIGN AND ARTICULATION: Star Wars™ fans and collectors can display this 6 inch action figure (15 cm) — featuring premium movie-accurate deco and design, plus multiple points of articulation — in their collections
FILM-INSPIRED ACCESSORIES: This Phase I Clone Trooper figure comes with a removable helmet and 2 blaster accessories
WINDOW BOX PACKAGING: Display Star Wars fandom on your shelf with window box packaging featuring sleek character design
A CONSTELLATION OF COLLECTIBLES: Look for more Black Series Star Wars action figures to build your own Star Wars galaxy on your shelf! (Each sold separately. Subject to availability)
PHASE I CLONE TROOPER: In the beginning phases of the Clone Wars, the introduction of white-armored clone troopers in the Republic’s Grand Army represented the future of galactic warfare