[New Boxart photo added] GOODSMILE 2024年6月24日發售:模型 MODEROID Series《GRIDMAN UNIVERSE》力量全開古立特騎士 7,900 YEN連稅

MODEROID 力量全開古立特騎士


出自電影《GRIDMAN UNIVERSE》,「力量全開古立特騎士」的組裝模型登場!

・重現合體戰人POWERED KNIGHT ZENON。大腿部分使用合體專用零件,實現更堅固及廣泛的可動範圍。腳部裝上專用的外罩零件,能同時保持力量全開古立特騎士時的英雄造型,以及POWERED KNIGHT ZENON時的造型。
・附能讓力量全開古立特騎士騎乘在「THE合體 合體龍人 DX DYNAZENON」(另售)的連結配件!
・外盒圖繪為《GRIDMAN UNIVERSE》英雄畫作主任牟田口裕基的特別繪製。


MODEROID Full Power Gridknight

Gridknight joins the MODEROID series in heroic form!

From the movie “GRIDMAN UNIVERSE” comes a plastic model of Full Power Gridknight!

· Full Power Gridman has been brought into model form based on its heroic looks from the anime series.
· In combined form, Full Power Gridknight stands at 165mm in height (to top of head). Gridknight is approx. 100mm tall.
· Each combination of Gridknight and the four assist weapons can be recreated with the use of interchangeable parts.
· Can be combined with Powered Knight Zenon. Combination parts for the thigh area are included, providing a strong sense of stability and high articulation. Special leg cover parts for creating both Full Power Gridknight’s heroic form and Powered Knight Zenon’s styling are included.
· Includes a dedicated body for combining with Full Power Gridknight, which prioritizes playability after transformation.
· Translucent parts are used in various areas, including the Full Power Gridman helmet. · Includes attachment parts for allowing Full Power Gridknight to ride on THE GATTAI Gattai Ryujin DX Dynazenon (sold separately).
· The various parts of the mecha have been separated into various colored runners and pre-painted parts, and the model kit also comes with stickers, making it easy to recreate the mecha from the series with a simple assembly.
· The package art is illustrated by GRIDMAN UNIVERSE Heroic Animation Chief Hiroki Mutaguchi.

MODEROID フルパワーグリッドナイト


劇場版『グリッドマン ユニバース』より「フルパワーグリッドナイト」のプラモデルが登場!

・「THE合体 合体竜人 DXダイナゼノン」(別売り)にフルパワーグリッドナイトを騎乗させることが出来るアタッチメントパーツが付属!
・パッケージアートは『グリッドマン ユニバース』ヒロイック作画チーフ牟田口裕基氏 描きおろし。

商品名MODEROID フルパワーグリッドナイト
作品名劇場版『グリッドマン ユニバース』
仕様組み立て式プラモデル・ノンスケール・フルパワーグリッドナイト:頭頂高約165mm、 グリッドナイト:全高約100mm
Ⓒ円谷プロ Ⓒ2023 TRIGGER・雨宮哲/「劇場版グリッドマンユニバース」製作委員会