threezero將於2014年12月29日起接受預購:《鐵甲威龍 (ROBOCOP)》 ED-209 HK$3,480/US$450

It’s time to announce pre-order date and time for our RoboCop ED-209 sale. We love making robots and complex designs, therefore we couldn’t be more happier with our RoboCop license and saved the biggest robot for last! We want to wish Merry Christmas to everyone and thank you for support shown to us during this year!The collectible figure stands approximately 16″ (40cm) tall, comes with fully posable action joints, articulated head arms, legs and toes. Legs are extractable, so you can do some combat poses, like in the movie. In addition there is light up feature in both arms and front part of ED-209 head.

RoboCop ED-209 will be available for pre-order , starting from December 29th 9:00AM Hong Kong time for 450USD / HKD 3480 and we will do our best to keep the pre-order open for some time.

RoboCop ED-209 details and features:
*figure stands ~16 inches (40cm) tall;
*fully posable action joints, articulated head arms, legs & toes;
*highly detailed mechanical design base on the official movie image;
*extractable legs for different combat pose & simulate to ED-209’s movements depicted in the movie;
*realistic paint application to highlight all the details as seen in the movie;
*head front part, both arms lights up;
*AG13 X 6 button cell batteries, 3AAA X 3 (batteries not included).
巨大逼力!《鐵甲威龍》ROBOCOP ED-209 霸氣登場!
超過40cm巨大比例,配備led發光特效,全身關節靈活可動令你可完美還原電影中的每一個戰鬥姿勢!鐵甲威龍ED-209將於12月29日上午9時正開始接受預購,定價HKD3480/450USD,請即上我們官方網站 預購吧!

*AG13X6扣式電池,3AAA X 3(不包含電池)。
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And we have youtube page now and you can check RoboCop ED-209 articulation features here: