[New Official photos added] 壽屋 2023年8月發售:[壽屋SHOP限定品] 模型 HMM Series 1/72《ZOIDS》RZ-053 HEAVY ARMS KÖNIG WOLF 15,800Yen


Scale 1/72
Product Size Total length 360mm
Specification Plastic Model
Parts 401~600
Material PS・PE・ABS・PVC (Phthalate-free)・Synthetic Rubber
Design Raichokobo

Formation of Rob Herman’s Guardian Force.

The Heavy Arms König Wolf of Celica Lucraft’s Special Forces from Zoids Mousou Senki Special Edition joins the HMM Zoids series!
Add this blue wolf, an omen of the return of the 416 unit Blue Army, to your collection today!

Product Specifications:
・Both the standard single-seat cockpit and the newly sculpted optional two-seat cockpit can be assembled. Two pilot figures are included and can be boarded.
・The standard headgear can be adjusted with a forward-rotating movement as well as left and right neck movement even when it is not deployed.
・The cables that connect the head to the chest and the chest to the waist are made of soft material.
・The Zoid Core inside the chest is removable.
・The base of the Double Barreled Multi-Dischargers can be raised and the guns can be deployed on either side. They can also move up and down.
・A 5mm connection point compatible with the separately sold Flying Base Neo is provided in the lower part of the abdomen, allowing the model to be displayed in action poses.
・The back-mounted dual sniper rifle has a rotating and extendable barrel. It can also move backward, as if releasing a shell.
・Assemble the dual sniper rifle with either a 3mm joint, 5mm joint, 3mm point, or 5mm point to combine with a wide range of models other than the König Wolf.
・The cover of the AZ Five Launch Missile System can be opened and closed without changing any parts, and each missile is a separate, colored part.
・Each AZ Five Launch Missile System has a 3mm joint and can be connected onto the special armor parts. They can also be detached to change with the standard armor parts.
・The clear parts come in both clear orange and clear.
・A large selection of newly created decals for emblems and caution marks are included, so users can fine-tune the look of their Zoid!

RZ-053 ヘビーアームズケーニッヒウルフ【コトブキヤショップ限定品】

作品 ゾイド -ZOIDS-
シリーズ HMMシリーズ
スケール 1/72
製品サイズ 全長:約360mm
製品仕様 プラモデル
パーツ数 401~600
素材 PS・PE・ABS・PVC(非フタル酸)・合成ゴム
原型製作 雷鳥工房


ゾイド妄想戦記 特別編より、セリカ・ルークラフトが提案する特務部隊所属の「ヘビーアームズケーニッヒウルフ」がHMMゾイドに参戦!