[New official photos added] HASBRO PULSE 於美國時間2022年10月27日~12月12日眾籌11,000套成功,2023年尾派貨: Transformers Generations HasLab Deathsaurus US$179.99

Transformers Generations HasLab Deathsaurus

One of the most feared beings in the known universe, Deathsaurus has spread his reign of terror and destruction for eons. The only force stopping him from achieving ultimate power has been that annoyance of an Autobot, Star Saber. But his brilliant mind has thought up a new plan, and this time, nothing can stop the Emperor of Destruction. Deathsaurus is launching his next attack – turn HasLab into the ultimate weapon and destroy Star Saber, once and for all!

Hasbro Pulse is bringing Transformers fans a battle of epic proportions! Last year, HasLab brought Japanese canon into the world of Transformers for the first time with Victory Saber*. Now, we invite you to welcome the archnemesis of the Supreme Commander of the Autobots into your collection. The powerful and ruthless Decepticon, Deathsaurus, is the next HasLab project!

Premium 11-inch Deathsaurus converting figure inspired by the Japanese anime, Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers: Victory
Converting Tigerchest and Eaglechest Micromaster figures
Death Tailer shield accessory
Sword and arrow accessories
This crowdfunded project will run from October 27, 2022, to 11:59pm ET on December 12, 2022. If successful, the project will begin shipping around Fall 2023.

USA order link: https://hasbropulse.com/products/transformers-generations-haslab-deathsaurus