TOYS ALLIANCE 2023年3月發售: 1/18 Full Action Figure Series ACID RAIN WORLD FAV-A78 寇克奇斯 CM1s (Cockatrice CM1s)

Toys Alliance X Acid Rain
FAV-A78 寇克奇斯 CM1s
比例:3.75吋 1/18

寇克奇斯 CM1s是以犬魔 CM1m為基礎研發出來的沙漠作戰版本,保留了犬魔難以置信的速度和轉換結構。考慮到在伊斯坦西亞沙漠化戈雷區,與亞格斯、格斐亞、土鬼部落、土匪和僱傭兵等勢力的激烈競爭,還特別搭載了根據奇美拉C4-m武器改良製造的小型飛彈發射器。因此,寇克奇斯 CM1s不僅能夠快速搜敵,還可以對敵軍進行突襲和外科手術式打擊。

– 寇克奇斯 CM1s x 1
– OML-31導彈發射器 x 1

Toys Alliance X Acid Rain
FAV-A78 Cockatrice CM1s
Scale:3.75inch 1/18

The Cockatrice CM1s, developed from models of the Barghest CM1m, was built for a desert environment, while retaining the incredible speed and transformative potential of the Barghest. Given that the Estancian desertified Gray Zone is hotly contested territory – with Soil Ghost tribes, bandits and mercenaries, Agurtan platoons, and even some Gafian irregulars present – the Cockatrice has also been outfitted with a small missile launcher modified from the Chimera C4-m. As such, the Cockatrice CM1s not only has the speed to find the enemy, but also the ability to carry out raids and surgical strikes against foes.