TOYS ALLIANCE 2022年12月發售: 1/18 Full Action Figure Series Acid Rain FAV-A69 Agurts Combat Medic

Toys Alliance X Acid Rain Figures And Vehicles

FAV-A69 亞格斯軍醫
比例:3.75吋 1/18


Contect :
– 亞格斯軍醫 / アグルツ衛生兵 x 1
– 軍用急救箱 / 軍用応急処置キット x 1
– 軍用手術包 / 軍用手術ツールポーチ x 1
– AP2 手槍 / AP2 ピストル x 1

FAV-A69 Agurts Combat Medic
Scale:3.75inch 1/18

Agurts Combat Medics operate independently from any other military division in the National Army, going where they are needed – and they are often needed. There are not enough Medics to go around, and although every Medic goes through a complete field training, operating on the battlefield is something only hard experience can teach – thus, adaptability and ability to learn quickly are the most important traits that Medic recruiters will look for. Once deployed, Combat Medics are treated with utmost respect by both the rank and file and officers. This has led to some accusations that the Medics can be at times overly condescending and haughty…but such accusations are only whispered quietly in backrooms, rather than to the faces of their potential saviors.

Contect :
– Agurts Combat Medic x 1
– Military First-aid Kit x 1
– Military Surgical Toolpouch x 1
– AP2 Pistol x 1