ACTION TOYS 延期至2023年第3季發售:Ultimetal S 洛迪文(Rodimus Prime) HK$1,580/JPY29,800

<野中剛 X Action Toys> 變形金剛系列!

1986年當「變形金剛」動畫第三季「2010」於日本放映時,由於作品本身為美國孩之寶主導,可以用作刊登兒童雜誌的資料不多,於是「TV Magazine」委託Studio OX重新繪畫,而當時負責插圖的正是仍在東京設計學院就讀的野中老師。其與動畫中完全不同風格的獨特設計在當時廣受好評,被譽為最美型的洛迪文。

三十年多後,我們邀請野中老師重新演繹Studio OX版本的「變形金剛」。本產品特點是以替換部件方法重現「火棒」及「洛迪文」兩種形態,採用合金和塑膠等複合物料製成,份量感十足,為各位變形金剛迷必備恩物。

Tsuyoshi Nonaka X Action Toys Transformers Series!
I believe all toy-lovers will be familiar with the name Master Tsuyoshi Nonaka. He is best known for designing the Super Sentai series and the brilliant “SSSS.DYNAZENON” in recent years. But what has Master Nonaka got to do with “Transformers”? And why is the product launch not about the invincible Optimus Prime and Megatron, but Rodimus Prime and Galvatron? Actually, there is a reason for this.

In 1986, the third season of the “Transformers” animation “2010” was released in Japan. Since the work was owned by Hasbro U.S., not much information was available for publication in children’s magazines. Therefore, “TV Magazine” commissioned Studio OX to re-create the illustrations. The person in charge of illustration at that time was Mr. Nonaka, who was still studying at the Tokyo School of Design. Nonaka’s unique style, which was starkly different from the original animation, was widely acclaimed at the time and was even known as the most beautiful Rodimus Prime.

Now, more than 30 years later, we invited Master Nonaka to re-interpret the Studio OX version of “Transformers”. The unique feature of this product is that the parts are replaceable so as to portray the different figures of “Hotrod” and “Rodimus Prime”. Not only so, it is also made of a combination of diecast and plastic, resulting in a heavy-weight texture that is much-loved by Transformers fans.

Ultimetal S 洛迪文 Rodimus Prime
物料: 合金, ABS, PVC
產品尺寸: 高度約30cm
內容: 洛迪文本體, 博派心臟x 2 , 手槍 x 2, 火棒頭部, 火棒配件及地台

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