TOYS ALLIANCE 2022年11月發售: 1/18 Full Action Figure Series Acid Rain FAV-A66 King, Shielded Striker

Toys Alliance X Acid Rain
FAV-A66 京,鎧甲進擊者
比例:3.75吋 1/18


– King / 京 / キング x 1
– Comandante T2M5 Tactical Assault Rifle / 「司令官」T2M5 戰術突擊步槍 / 「コマンダンテ」 T2M5 タクティカル自動小銃 x 1
– Gas Mask / 防毒面具 / ガスマスク x 1
– GR-8 Drone / GR-8無人機 / GR-8ドローン x 1
– Electric Prod / 電棍 / 電気棒 x 1
– Bracer / 護腕 / ブレーサー x 1
– Arm-shield / 臂盾 / 腕シールド x 1
– 「Impulse」 Electromagnetic Glove / 「脈衝」電磁拳套 /「インパルス」電磁グローブ x 1
– Coretta Elite Pistol / 科雷塔精英手槍 / 「コレッタ」 エリート ピストル x 1
– TK-56 Tactical Knife / TK-56戰術刀 /TK-56 タクティカルナイフ x 1
– Pulse Grenade / 脈衝手榴彈 / パルスグレネード x 1

Toys Alliance X Acid Rain
FAV-A66 King, Shielded Striker
Release Date:END OF NOV 2022
Scale:3.75inch 1/18

King has been a busy man in the wake of the Bucks Team’s triumphs in Kruhnen and beyond. With Aldaman pulling Bob into a more senatorial position, the way has been cleared for King to step up and take on the role that he was primed for – taking over as commander of the Bucks Team. He has since taken a key role in updating and improving the structure and disposition of the Agurtan National Army. Although he has the full confidence of his teammates and colleagues, King pushes himself to be better and do more; after all, he has big shoes to fill. His Power Armor, codenamed “Vanguard”, received some influence from Bob’s design in utilizing a Modular Tactical Vest, but on top of that, King asked for a special electromagnetic glove known as the “Impulse” that can be either mounted on the shoulder as a shield for extra defense against enemy fire or used offensively, allowing King to more powerfully express his incredible close-quarters combat martial arts prowess, bashing in enemy heads and then releasing a powerful burst of electrostatic charge. Encased within the extra-hardened Power Armor, King leads from the frontlines, demonstrating to all that he can follow in Bob’s legendary footsteps.