HOT TOYS 2023年12月13日發售: 1/6《The Batman》蝙蝠電單車(Batcycle) HK$1,930

【 Hot Toys 發佈DC 新版《蝙蝠俠》蝙蝠電單車1:6比例珍藏車

新載具登場! 搭配新版蝙蝠俠人偶展開追逐戰】
由Matt Reeves 執導、Robert Pattinson 主演 DC 新版《蝙蝠俠》現於各地上映,被傳媒譽為「《The Dark Knight》後最好的蝙蝠俠電影。」,讓影迷們看到這位角色煥然一新的面貌。Hot Toys 現於銅鑼灣Hot Toys Echo Base店舉辦《蝙蝠俠》電影主題展,繼上周公佈了《蝙蝠俠》蝙蝠俠1:6比例珍藏人偶及蝙蝠訊號燈 1:6比例珍藏品共4款新品後,現發佈《蝙蝠俠》蝙蝠電單車1:6比例珍藏車!
Hot Toys根據電影新版蝙蝠電單車造型以1:6比例全新打造,蝙蝠電單車尺寸為高19cm、闊19cm、長42cm,配有啞金屬黑色的車身,精細的結構分件製作出每項細節,如可擺動車頭部分、車身中間的引擎系統、可轉動的前後車輪、呈蝙蝠形態的風擋、儀錶板、倒後鏡和排氣管等,車頭大燈與尾燈附有LED亮燈裝置 (需USB供電),配有正向與側向展示專用底座,可搭配Hot Toys新版蝙蝠俠1:6比例珍藏人偶,重現電影各種帥氣場面。

【The Batman – 1/6th scale Batcycle Collectible Vehicle】

The Batman movie has conquered the theaters worldwide! Beneath the tactical gear and eye black, the Caped Crusader is roaming the streets of Gotham City in Batcycle – the sleekest mode of transport at night. As a continuation of The Batman collection, Hot Toys is thrilled to introduce the 1/6th scale Batcycle collectible vehicle that allows fans to race through the city.
Based off of the vehicle seen in The Batman movie, the one-sixth scale Batcycle Collectible Vehicle is recreated with extreme precision and fine painting applications, measures 42cm in length, features LED light up function design on head and tail lights, adjustable-degree handlebar, rotatable rubber wheels given a realistic tread pattern, also highly-accurate mechanical details showcased on the engine, frame, dashboard, and exhaust, comes with display bases.

The 1/6th scale Batcycle Collectible Vehicle specially features:
– Authentically and detailed likeness of Batcycle in The Batman
– Depicts Batcycle specific features such as the engine, frame, dashboard, and exhaust
– Approximately 42cm L x 19cm W x 19cm H
– LED light up function design on headlight and rear signal light (USB operated)
– Adjustable-degree handlebar for making left/right turns
– Rotatable rubber wheels are given a realistic tread pattern
– Two (2) specially designed collectible vehicle display bases
– Sized to fit with Batman 1/6th scale Collectible Figure

Release date: Approximately Q2 – Q3, 2023

*Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different
**Light up function can be operated by USB power or battery.
*** USB connecting cable is not included for collectible, Micro USB cable is required.
****Product details could be subjected to change without further notice

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