HOT TOYS 2023年12月13日發售: 1/6 Action Figure《The Batman》蝙蝠訊號燈 HK$950


Hot Toys 參照2022年上映的《蝙蝠俠》電影中的蝙蝠訊號燈造型以1:6比例細緻打造,整個訊號燈約23cm長 X 24cm 寬 X 23cm高,配有像真度高的塗裝技術以呈現出訊號燈上的金屬質感,訊號燈上飾有機身細節與呈不規則表面的蝙蝠俠標誌,與此同時,訊號燈設有LED亮燈功能,備有可動功能設計,以調整投射角度,為蝙蝠俠珍藏人偶添上一層陰鬱沉重的氛圍。

【The Batman – 1/6th scale Bat-Signal Collectible】
One of the iconic sign alerts evildoers that Batman lurks in the shadows to protect the streets of Gotham City: the Bat-Signal! Based on the latest DC movie release, The Batman, Hot Toys is thrilled to introduce the 1/6th scale Bat-Signal collectible that can project Batman’s calling card on the walls.
Masterfully crafted based on The Batman movie, the one-sixth scale Bat-Signal Collectible measures 23cm in height, displays a screen accurate design with traditional Bat symbol at the center of the signal light, specially applied with distress effects, features LED light up function design, and an adjustable stand for angled projection.