WITHDOM, the band which also serves as tourism ambassador for Kyoto Japan, released the cover song of ‘Gunjou(Cover)’ by YOASOBI officially through various subscription sites.They revealed the music video for the cover song on YouTube as well!

WITHDOM is a 4 member band which contains 3 vocalists and 1 member who does the rap and chorus. They originally formed in Kyoto and they also work as tourism ambassadors from Kyoto Japan.

WITHDOM released the cover song, ‘Blue’ which is the English version of the song ‘Gunjou’ by YOASOBI through various subscription sites yesterday. This is their 3rd official cover song so far.The music video of this cover song was also released on the same day.

They arranged the cover song with influences from Jazz and R&B. They created a song displaying their amazing vocal work. They succeeded in making a slow jam cover song whilst preserving the atmosphere of the original song. WITHDOM officially covered ‘A HAPPY NEW YEAR’ by Yumi Matsutoya and ‘Hakujitsu’ by Kign Gnu as well.

They have released music videos on YouTube which covered many famous Japanese songs including ‘Curtain Call feat. TAKA’ by Shota Shimizu,’Feel Special’ by TWICE,’Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer by ONE OK ROCK. WITHDOM covered those songs incorporating their own unique sound. WITHDOM released ‘On Bended Knee’ by Boyz II Men last year. And Boyz II Men themselves mentioned the WITHDOM cover to the world on their Instagram saying, a ‘Japanese music group made a great cover of ours!’.

Their new album “Synergy” won No.1 on 18 categories of the iTunes Store chart. They made many songs for theme songs for TV programs and theme songs for the weather information portion of news programs. ‘Hey Girl’, which was released through a subscription site last month, got into the official playlist of the subscription site.

‘Kotonoha’,which was released last year, has been picked as the image song for the “Blue Ale train” of Osaka Monorail which is carrying the message, ‘Thank you and Cheers’ to the health care workers as a project from Osaka Monorail co.,ltd. The Osaka monorail runs through places such as Osaka Itami airport and Expo ‘70 Commemorative Park.

The English version of the song ‘ICE CREAM’ has been released through subscription sites and the music video of the song has been released as well. The music video for ‘ICE CREAM’ was a collaboration with the ‘Arashiyama Kimono Forest’ in Kyoto, which is a popular destination worldwide, and Yasaka Koshindo.

The band’s leader SMOOTH creates the lyrics and music. ROY has a career as an actor in theater. Ryo has a YouTube channel which has been viewed more than 32 million times. SHVNYA has 80,000 followers on his TikTok. WITHDOM have been carefully adding Japanese style to their work even when making their melody and track. People are attracted to the unique world of WITHDOM’s songs especially with the magic of the lyrics by SMOOTH.

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