TOYS ALLIANCE 2022年3月發售: 1/18 Full Action Figure Series ACID RAIN WORLD FAV-A55 Kunga

Toys Alliance X Acid Rain New
FAV-A55 昆加
比例:3.75吋 1/18


– Kunga / 昆加 x 1
– Homemade Dagger-axe / 自製戰戈 x 1
– Homemade Dagger-axe with Spear / 自製戰矛 x 1
– Homemade Shield / 自製盾牌 x 1
– Homemade Battle-axe / 自製戰斧 x 1
– Homemade Handaxe / 自製手斧 x 1
– Homemade Machete / 自製砍刀 x 1
– Homemade Helmet / 自製頭盔 x 1
– Rope / 繩索 x 1
– Wall Debris / 斷壁場景擺件 x 3

Toys Alliance X Acid Rain New
FAV-A55 Kunga
Release Date:END OF Mar 2022
Scale:3.75inch 1/18

Like other Soil Ghost youths, Kunga and his younger brother Kizmet were fascinated by the legends of Trazagar and the Grand Estancian Archives. Always a glass half full, Kunga boldly signed up the duo to join the Nazuul – excavators who scour Estancian ruins buried beneath the desert sands. Kunga’s lofty ideals for a legendary future are often met with derision and scorn from fellow tribesmen, yet he does not seek approval, and simply does what feels right in his heart.
When they stumbled upon the royal catacombs, they were shocked to encounter the Duskwings – the tribe founded by Trazagar himself. The Duskwing raiders attacked them ruthlessly, bringing down the tunnel in the ensuing battle. Kunga found himself trapped deep inside an unrecorded chamber slowly filling up with sand. Yet the presence of a shadowy stranger with a mysterious scroll might just help him cheat death once more…