Momoko Kikuchi unveils distribution on music streaming services and the release of Night Tempo’s “The Showa Groove” has also been announced!!

Korean producer/DJ Night Tempo will release his latest re-edit project of 80’s Japanese pops “Momoko Kikuchi – Night Tempo presents The Showa Groove” on September 10 (Fri.).

Momoko Kikuchi is a Japanese idol who made her debut in 1984 with “Seishun no Ijiwaru” and gained popularity as a purist idol. Most of her songs were composed by Tetsuji Hayashi, the composer of Miki Matsubara’s “Mayonaka no Door/Stay with Me” and many hit songs in the 80’s Japanese music scene.

Momoko Kikuchi has released a total of 180 songs , her 12 singles, 11 albums including best of albums, and singles and albums of her rock band “RA MU”, for which she is the vocalist, through music streaming services since July 16 (Fri.).


And on September 10 (Fri.), Night Tempo, the Korean producer/DJ, will release four tracks re-edited from Momoko Kikuchi’s songs as the 10th installment of his “Night Tempo Presents The Showa Groove” series, which has sublimated Japanese songs and city pop into today’s club music. He re-edited Mariya Takeuchi’s “Plastic Love” and sparked a Japanese city-pop boom overseas. He is also known to be a big fan of Momoko Kikuchi.


Songs of Momoko Kikuchi and RA MU are now available on major music streaming services such as Spotify, YouTube Music, and Apple Music.


“Momoko Kikuchi – Night Tempo presents The Showa Groove” will be available on September 10 (Fri).

1.Alfa Flight (Night Tempo Showa Groove Mix)

  1. Glass no Sougen (Night Tempo Showa Groove Mix)

3.Good Friend (Night Tempo Showa Groove Mix)

4.Night Cruising (Night Tempo Showa Groove Mix)


In addition, Momoko Kikuchi and RA MU’s music videos from the 80’s are scheduled to be released on the following YouTube channel. Don’t miss out on these precious videos.


Momoko Kikuchi

Momoko Kikuchi made her debut in 1984 with “Seishun no Ijiwaru” and won the 26th Japan Record Award for Newcomer of the Year for ” SUMMER EYES”, the second single released in the same year with lyrics by Yasushi Akimoto. She gained popularity as a pure-hearted idol, and since her 4th single “Sotsugyou”, she has had 7 consecutive singles at No.1 in the Oricon Weekly Ranking. After releasing 12 singles and 4 original albums, she formed the rock band RA MU in 1988 with herself on vocals. The band’s electro-funk style of music is still popular to this day.

Night Tempo

South Korean artist Night Tempo turns the past into party-starting numbers for now. Jung Kyung-ho’s dance project draws from ‘80s funk and disco, particularly the shimmering sounds of Japanese pop. He’s part curator, plucking tunes from artists he grew up loving and sharing these crystalline cuts to a 21st century crowd eager to be swept up in the sounds of yesteryear. He draws from these songs to make original numbers to create thumping floor fillers.

Launched in 2015, Night Tempo has gone from creating bootleg remixes of hits by the likes of Tatsuro Yamashita and Mariya Takeuchi to YouTube success, to officially working with ‘80s pop superstars such as Wink, Anri, Miki Matsubara and more as part of his Night Tempo Presents The Showa Groove series. He also creates original tunes drawing inspiration from this period of music.

Night Tempo has also started bringing his energetic live show to bigger stages, having played at venues across Asia, North America and more. He also appeared at the 2019 Fuji Rock Festival, one of the largest and most celebrated music festivals in Japan, where he started a late night rave-up to the sound of Japanese city pop. As the world slowly opens back up, he has his sights focused on bringing his retro-tinged party to listeners looking to let loose