TOYS ALLIANCE 2022年2月發售: 1/18 Full Action Figure Series ACID RAIN WORLD FAV-A54 Chief Koren & Doeg

Toys Alliance X Acid Rain
Figures And Vehicles
FAV-A54 納薩爾 & 佝苟
比例:3.75吋 1/18




– 剋倫酋長
– 度伌佫
– 改裝狙擊槍
– 改裝十字弓
– 自製刺刀
– 獵刀
– 背箭筒

Toys Alliance X Acid Rain
Figures And Vehicles
FAV-A54 Chief Koren & Doeg
Scale:3.75inch 1/18

【Soil Ghosts】
The Soil Ghosts are a mutant race of desert nomads who trace their origins to the fallen Estancian Empire. Some scholars speculate that in addition to acid rains and radioactive pollution, Soil Ghost mutations also arose from the Estancian government’s experimental pesticide Wonderlizer, hastily developed plague vaccines and residues from Omanga’s biochemical attack.
Though little is known about these reclusive mutants, governments typically brand them as dangerous beasts and scapegoat them for deficiencies wrought by their own corrupt regimes. Gray Zone merchants, on the other hand, frequently speak of trading with gentle tribesmen devout in their faith to pacifist spirituality. Wandering the Estancia Gray Zone in dozens of nomadic tribes, Soil Ghosts trek across the barren deserts, sowing mysterious seedlings one dune after another to no discernible effect. Nothing has ever sprouted from their efforts, yet they persist religiously with unflinching determination, all the while assembling innovative vehicles and SAs from scrap materials scavenged across the Gray Zones.

【Chief Koren】
Time-tested by decades of grueling hardship, Chief Koren guides his fellow Sahai tribesmen with a firm but gentle hand. As one of the first Soil Ghost mutants, he bears haunting memories of the early anti-mutant purges. Koren’s ferocity mellowed with age, and today the battle-seasoned rebel is a diplomatic elder who prepares for the worst but preaches for peace.

Doeg is a remarkable navigator who never fails to find untapped resources. Though a heartthrob among the Soil Ghost maidens, he prefers the company of animals over other tribesmen – casting a spell over wildlife with his sweet harmonica. The only thing Doeg excels more at than music is hunting – claiming the Horn of the Ancient during an inter-tribal ritual contest.

– 剋倫酋長 / Chief Koren x 1
– 度伌佫 / Doeg x 1
– 改裝狙擊槍 / Modified Sniper Rifle x 1
– 改裝十字弓 / Modified Crossbow x 1
– 自製手榴彈 / Homemade Grenade x 1
– 自製刺刀 / Homemade Bayonet x 1
– 獵刀 / Hunting Knife x 1
– 背箭筒 / Back Quiver x 1