FLAME TOYS 2021年11月發售: 模型 風雷模型《義勇群英》蛇眼專用電單車 (G.I. Joe Snake Eyes) US$45

[風雷模型] 蛇眼專用電單車

‧[風雷模型]系列第22彈 – 義勇群英蛇眼專用電單車登場!



‧車輪可轉動,部分「[風雷模型] 蛇眼」的附屬武器可以裝備在此電單車上。

‧當然「[風雷模型] 蛇眼」亦可以駕駛它出戰各種任務!



※本商品為模型套裝。圖片顯示上色師的塗裝完成作品範例, 實際發售商品需要自行組裝及上色。

[Furai Model] Speed Cycle for Snake Eyes

‧22nd series of [FURAI MODEL] G.I. Joe Speed Cycle for Snake Eyes model kit is presented! Length of Speed Cycle is around 150mm.

‧This is comics version G.I. Joe Speed Cycle for Snake Eyes!

‧Wheels are turnable and some weapons from “[Furai Model] Snake Eyes” (sold separately) can be equipped on this Speed Cycle! A

‧Of course, “[Furai Model] Snake Eyes” can ride this Speed Cycle!

‧The model kit is made of hard plastic ABS, perfect for professional model kit builders to make their own coloring Speed Cycle.

‧With different injection colors of runner parts and simple assembly design, it will also be suitable for model kit beginners.

※This product is a plastic model kit. Images show a colouring example from professional painter. Actual product requires assembling and coloring.