Hot Toys Summer Showcase 2021 大型珍藏人偶展覽 – HOT TOYS接受預訂: 1/6 合金 Action Figure《Armorized Warrior》Armorized Deadpool H$2,580

【《Armorized Warrior》裝甲死侍1:6比例合金珍藏人偶 (特別版)】

Hot Toys 品牌旗下全新MARVEL可動人偶系列「Armorized Warrior」,以漫畫造型為藍本,將MARVEL超級英雄角色裝甲化,保留角色標誌性元素,為角色原創打造富強勁裝甲的全新形象。是此將特別揀選了可塑性高的死侍角色,推出第一彈 ─《Armorized Warrior》裝甲死侍1:6比例珍藏人偶作Hot Toys Summer Showcase 珍藏版之一。

Hot Toys在死侍經典的紅黑配色戰服中注入裝甲、機械的原創元素。全新裝甲死侍素體配以合金作主要素材打造,高約32.5cm、備有逾30個可動關節,胸口Arc Reactor連同頭盔雙眼及雙掌設有LED亮燈系統。Hot Toys 設計團隊更參照死侍角色豐富的武器設定,特別設計多項專屬武器包括: 兩把可裝於背部的長刀連刀套、兩組可裝於腰間兩側的飛標、一對可裝於大腿兩側的匕首連刀套、一把可裝於右小腿的短刀連刀套、兩組安裝於肩甲上的子彈和兩把短槍 (可組合成一把重型機槍) 等等,讓玩家組合出死侍多款招牌盞鬼作戰動態,玩味絕對滿分!

特別版配件: 能量炮

【會員優先預訂日】7月16日 (星期五): 所有 Toy Hunters Secret Base 及 Star Wars Hot Toys Collector Council (只限星球大戰人偶) 會員

【公開預訂】7月17日 (星期六)至 7月21日 (星期三)

*上述日期內預訂珍藏版人偶,均可獲得該款人偶的特別版配件一個[蜘蛛俠 (黑金色戰衣) 1:6比例珍藏人偶除外]
*另設有普通版於7月22日起在Hot Toys Secret Base及Echo Base 接受預訂

Hot Toys Echo Base: 銅鑼灣Fashion Walk百德新街地下12-14號舖
Hot Toys Secret Base:旺角彌敦道582-592號信和中心20樓

【Armorized Warrior – 1/6th scale Armorized Deadpool Collectible Figure [Armorized Warrior Collection]】
Deadpool is an expert marksman, a master of various martial arts, and mostly seen with using katanas, but who knows if he also owns a set of heavily weaponized armors?
Reimagining your beloved characters in stylishly looking armored outfits, Hot Toys is excited to bring in a new Armorized Warrior Collection that explores characters from new dimensions by developing highly advanced suits with respect to their signature looks!
Crafted based on the reimagined appearance of Deadpool in armored suit, the highly-detailed figure features a newly crafted helmet head with LED-light up function; intricate design of a heavily advanced suit painted in signature red and black with matte finishing and dark silver highlights; LED light-up function design on eyes, Arc Reactor, and hands; a selection of signature weapons including a pair of Katanas, pistols that can be combined and transformed into a heavy machine gun, saias, dagger, and shurikens; multiple pairs of interchangeable hands; and a figure stand for display.
A Special Edition available only in selected markets will specially include an additional weapon, energy cannon, as bonus accessory.