KING ARTS 預定2021年第3季派貨:合金情景系列《三一萬能俠》三一萬能俠 1號 建議零售價HK$2,680

合金情景系列 三一萬能俠 1號


條 形 碼:4897056413238

-本體 x 1種
-本體機械內構 x 1種
-本體戰損機甲 x 1種
-發光頭部替換 x 1種
-內構頭部替換 x 1種
-戰損頭部替換x 1種
-互換手型 x 4對
-互換內構手型 x 1對
-战斧 X 2個
-塑膠斗篷X 1個
-布製斗篷X 1個

Diecast Scene series Getter Robot

The Saotome Research Institute has developed the Getter Robot. At the same time, the reptilian humans who dominated the ground in the ancient times began aggression in order to regain the world on the ground. However, the power source of the Getter Robot, the unknown cosmic radiation-the Getter ray is the culprit that drove the reptiles from the ground to the bottom in the past. In order to prevent the development of the Getter ray, Gore, the emperor of the Dinosaur Empire, launched an attack on the Saotome Research Institute. Fortunately, with the help of three high school students Ryoma Nagare, Hayato Jin and Musashi Tomoe. The Getter robot was temporarily converted into a combat robot to bravely face the clutches of the dinosaur empire.

Product Series: Diecast Scene series
Product Name: Getter Robot
Product Code: DFS074
Licensor by :Dynamic

Product Specification
Figure size: L 14CM* W 8.5CM*H 26CM
Product material: Alloy + plastics

Parts list
*Body x 1pcs
* Body mechanical internal structure x 1pcs
* Body battle damage armor x 1pcs
* Illumine head replacement x 1pcs
* Internal head replacement x 1pcs
* Battle damage head replacement x 1pcs
* Exchange hand type x 4pairs
* Interchangeable inner hand x 1pairs
* GetterTomahawk x 2pcs
* Removable Cape x 1pcs
* Cloth Cape x 1pcs