FREEing 2015年6月發售: 1/8 PVC Figure《THE iDOLM@STER》四條貴音 浴衣Ver. 9,800Yen連稅

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Takane Shijou: Yukata Ver.

The idol with a refined, noble air about her – Takane Shijou wearing her yukata!

From the popular anime ‘THE IDOLM@STER’ comes a figure of Takane Shijou wearing a yukata! She has been sculpted in a captivating pose that shows off her mature side, proving that even idols who are new to the scene can be just as charming as the best!

Miki Hoshii: Yukata Ver. has already been announced, and Chihaya Kisaragi: Yukata Ver. will be announced shortly, so be sure to collect all your favorite idols in the ‘Y-STYLE’ yukata series!

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四条貴音 浴衣Ver.



人気アニメ『THE IDOLM@STER』より、「四条貴音」が浴衣姿になって登場です!新人ながらも風格のある貴音の魅力を、大人っぽい妖艶なポーズで再現しました。「Y-STYLE」シリーズでは、案内済みの「星井美希 浴衣Ver.」に続き「如月千早 浴衣Ver.」も登場しますので、これからの展開にご期待ください!

仕様: PVC製塗装済み完成品・1/8スケール・専用台座付属・全高 : 約205mm

原型制作: QuailEGG