TOYS ALLIANCE 2021年10月發售: 1/18 Full Action Figure Series ANNEX 2179 FAV-H06 Bloodsbane

Toys Alliance X ANNEX 2179
Figures And Vehicles

FAV-H06 Bloodsbane
Release Date:END OF Oct 2021
Scale:3.75inch 1/18
FAV-H06 血刃
比例:3.75吋 1/18

After collecting Hiro’s testing data, Dr. Nimmo started an even bolder project. She picked Esbat, an executed SSS-class murderer, as her test subject.
Esbat was a dangerous serial killer who always struck on the night of the full moon. He slaughtered more than a dozen police officers and became the first SSS-level murderer in the entire police district.
Dr. Nimmo stripped the nerves and organs from Esbat’s corpse and implanted them into an AR series combat robot. Slightly altering the technique that resurrected Hiro’s brain, Dr. Nimmo programmed a new personality for Esbat while suppressing his original bloodthirsty instincts. Thus, a strong and obedient fighter was born. UD6 Security Co. was extremely pleased with the result and brought Esbat back to become a police detective, giving him the code name Bloodsbane.
Bloodsbane proved to be a star officer and broke several records in the district. Yet on one fateful field mission, the clouds dispersed and a blood-red full moon appeared. Esbat’s original personality suddenly broke free, and he once again embarked on his murderous rampage. Only this time, his body was forged from unstoppable steel…

尼繆把 「月魔」的中樞神經和重要器官從屍體剝離後,植入AR系列戰鬥軀體。再用與復活弘大腦相似的方法,壓制「月魔」原本的人格,植入另一個由尼繆編寫的新人格程式。這樣就創造出一個既順從,又有絕強戰鬥力的完美戰士。UD6治安公司對這個實驗品極為滿意,將他買回成為警區偵探,改名為「血刃」。

– Bloodsbane / 血刃 x 1
– Scarf / 圍巾 x 1
– Pistol / 手槍 x 2
– Katana / 打刀 x 1
– Extra neck accessories / 額外頸部配件 x 1