HOT TOYS 預定2022年第2季~2022年第3季發售: 1/6 Action Figure《Star Wars: The Mandalorian™》Bo-Katan Kryze™ HK$1,730

【超像真頭雕與精巧細節造型 展現曼達洛人女承繼者威懾氣魄】

迪士尼串流平台Disney+的星球大戰衍生影集《The Mandalorian》第二季已完滿結束,除了主角The Mandalorian和Grogu的冒險主線相當吸睛外,於〈第十一章:女繼承人〉中登場的曼達洛人Bo-Katan Kryze 亦十分受觀眾歡迎! Hot Toys 對星戰糸列充滿熱誠,現推出《The Mandalorian》糸列首個女角色Bo-Katan Kryze 1:6比例珍藏人偶,並期待她在《The Mandalorian》第三季的故事發展!

全新雕製的Bo-Katan Kryze 極像真頭雕是參照演員Katee Sackhoff 角色造型所設計,準確而傳神地把她的五官輪廓特徵與堅毅不屈的個性,甚至是一頭棕紅色短髮及額上的束髮甲件等細節,全數於一顆體積小巧的1:6比例頭雕原件內展現出來。與此同時,Hot Toys憑藉一貫高度細緻的巧手工藝,並根據影集《The Mandalorian》決心復興曼達洛人的女曼達洛人Bo-Katan Kryze一角,以極像真的1:6比例珍藏人偶模式製作,特別塑造了一個高約28cm丶具有逾26個活動關節的可動專用素體,穿上以細膩車工、呈現具細節的灰綠色戰衣,還有全身以藍與銀灰配色為主調的頭盔和護甲,線條與細節拿捏準確,頭盔與肩甲上飾有Nite Owls標記,全身護甲微曲呈貼身效果,再配上金屬磨損感的舊化塗裝,高度突顯造型細節的視覺層次感;服飾與武器裝備還包括: 頭盔備有可翻下的測距儀、背部噴射背包 (可裝上噴射火焰特效組件)、以皮革紋理布件製成的裝備腰帶和槍套,以及前臂護甲上的火箭噴射器等等。隨人偶更配備了兩把手槍、一個通訊器、一支飛索、一把安裝於右前臂護甲上的短劍、多對不同造型手掌和一個配有仿帝國戰艦情景的人偶地台連背景咭。

【Star Wars: The Mandalorian™ – 1/6th scale Bo-Katan Kryze™ Collectible Figure】
“I am Bo-Katan of Clan Kryze. I was born on Mandalore and fought in the Purge. I am the last of my line.”
A gifted warrior, Bo-Katan Kryze is a legendary Mandalorian. She refused to align with the Empire’s occupation of Mandalore, and now seeking the Darksaber.
Hot Toys is thrilled to expand its highly popular The Mandalorian collectible series and presenting the new 1/6th scale Bo-Katan Kryze collectible figure for all Star Wars collectors!
The Bo-Katan Kryze collectible figure features newly developed head sculpt with remarkable likeness, skillfully crafted Mandalorian helmet and armor with weathering effects, meticulously tailored and form-fitting under-suit, a jetpack with booster fire effects, a pair of blasters, a dagger blade, diorama accessory and a themed display stand!

The 1/6th scale Bo-Katan Kryze™ Collectible Figure special features:

– Authentic and detailed likeness of Katee Sackhoff as Bo-Katan Kryze in Star Wars: The Mandalorian
– One (1) newly crafted battle damaged helmeted head with articulated rangefinder
– One (1) newly developed head sculpt with highly-accurate facial expression and skin texture
– Reddish brown colored short hair sculpt with head piece
– Specially applied distress effects on armor, weapons and accessories
– Body with over 26 points of articulations
– Approximately 28 cm tall
– Seven (7) pieces of interchangeable gloved hands including:
– One (1) pair of fists
– One (1) pair of relaxed hands
– One (1) pair of pistol holding hands
– One (1) right hand for holding comlink
– Each piece of head sculpt is specially hand-painted

– One (1) Bo-Katan Kryze’s Mandalorian armor and vest with distressed effects
– One (1) pair of blue gauntlets with weathering effects
– One (1) grey green colored long sleeves shirt
– One (1) brown belt with pouches and pistol holsters
– One (1) pair of grey green colored pants
– One (1) pair of blue knee guard with weathering effects
– One (1) pair of brown colored boots

– Two (2) blasters
– One (1) wired grappling hook (attachable to gauntlets)
– One (1) dagger blade (attachable to right gauntlet)

– One (1) jetpack with distressed effects
– Two (2) booster fire effect accessories (attachable to jetpack)
– One (1) comlink
– One (1) imperial cruiser rail diorama accessory
– Specially designed figure stand with character nameplate

Release date: Approximately Q2 – Q3, 2022

*Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different
**Product details are subject to change without further notice

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