GOODSMILE 2021年6月24日發售:模型 MODEROID《我的英雄學院》綠谷出久 5,500Yen連稅

模型 MODEROID《我的英雄學院》綠谷出久

電視動畫《我的英雄學院》的英雄們化身為組裝模型!主角「綠谷出久」的已分色組裝模型套件。本商品包含七種成型色零件與部分塗裝完成零件,組裝起來便能重現近似劇中的樣貌。各關節為可動設計,能擺出劇中的動作姿勢。表情零件有兩種。眼睛已塗裝完成。還附有以個性為靈感的發動“ ONE‧FOR‧ALL”特效零件。材質為ABS、PVC、POM、PA。

MODEROID Izuku Midoriya

The heroes are now plastic model kits!
From the anime series “My Hero Academia” comes plastic model kits of the heroes of the series! This plastic model kit features Izuku Midoriya! The kit makes use of 7 different colored runners and some pre-painted parts, allowing you to recreate the character with just a simple assembly.

The model kit also features articulation, allowing you to pose him in action. Two face plates with pre-painted eyes are included as well. Effect parts for recreating his “One for All” Quirk are also included. The plastic model is made of ABS, PVC, POM and PA.



仕様 組み立て式プラスチックモデル
全高 約155mm
原型制作 七兵衛

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