TOYS ALLIANCE 2021年7月發售: 1/18 Full Action Figure Series ACID RAIN WORLD FAV-A37 Corsac Individual Combat Set

Toys Alliance X Acid Rain New Product
Figures And Vehicles
FAV-A37 Corsac Individual Combat Set
Release Date:END OF Jun 2021
Scale:3.75inch 1/18

FAV-A37 沙狐單兵作戰套裝
比例:3.75吋 1/18

Chaser Motorcycles and Sand Ponera DD2s are standard equipment for Corsac Troopers’ solo missions. Sand Ponera DD2s are particularly useful for auxiliary fire in ambush blindspots, and can also distract enemy fire during a siege. The Chaser Motorcycle helps Corsac Troopers race into and out of the battlefield at lightning speeds.

追擊者電單車和沙針蟻DD2s( Sand Ponera DD2s)是沙狐特戰兵進行單兵任務的標準配備。伏擊作戰時,可以將沙針蟻DD2s放置在自己的射擊盲區,協助攻擊;也可以在進行突圍時,利用沙針蟻DD2s進行掩護射擊,吸引敵方火力。追擊者電單車能幫助沙狐特戰兵更機動快速地切入或者脫離戰場。

– Corsac Trooper / 沙狐特戰兵 x 1
– Chaser Motorcycle / 追擊者電單車 x 1
– Sand Ponera DD2s / 沙針蟻 DD2s x 1
– Grenade / 手榴彈 x 2
– AAR7 Assault Rifle / AAR7突擊步槍 x 1
– AP2 Pistol / AP2 手槍 x 1
– Drone Holder / 無人機固定器 x 1