HOT TOYS 預定2021年第4季~2022年第1季發售: 1/6 Action Figure 《Marvel Zombie》Zombie Deadpool HK$1,630

【全新喪屍化的潰爛造型 匯聚來自不同世界的死侍軍團角色 破格登場】

Hot Toys參照Marvel漫畫《Marvel Zombie》超級英雄感染了喪屍病毒的造型,推出其首款1:6比例珍藏人偶,作品為最具顛覆超級英雄形象的死侍角色,俘虜一眾酷愛另類Marvel英雄的粉絲!

Hot Toys是次把漫畫《Marvel Zombie》喪屍化的死侍角色活現大家眼前,為忠實還原配以血跡斑斑且配有潰爛皮膚的死侍人偶,因此全新設計了一個高逾31cm、具有30多個可動關節的素體,還原上破損的肌肉組織,並且暴露出骨架,同時死侍標誌性的紅、黑色戰衣配有嚴重的腐爛效果,注滿了喪屍恐怖的元素;死侍的基本裝備,包括: 兩把東洋刀連交叉型刀套(刀套內置磁石可裝置於人偶背上)、一把匕首連刀套(可裝置於人偶小腿上)、一柄手槍 (可裝置於大腿上的槍袋),以及一柄手槍 (可裝置於腰間的裝備腰帶)等等。頭雕方面,頭雕師將面罩設計成呈半潰爛效果,逼真還原下半臉的恐怖骷髏造型,備有三對不同眼神組件以供替換;亦配有箭矢可穿插於死侍頭顱。與此同時,人偶匯聚多位獵奇恐怖的喪屍死侍軍團角色,配置了一個嘴部配開合關節的喪屍死侍死人頭和一隻喪屍松鼠侍,而人偶更會配置上一個具漫畫風格的立體人偶地台背景咭,除了印上喪屍死侍狗和喪屍鴨子侍角色圖案外,更有WARNING 和CAUTION的警告帶,讓玩家們發揮創意黏貼於背景咭上,貫徹死侍的胡鬧搞笑風格!

【Marvel Zombies – 1/6th scale Zombie Deadpool Collectible Figure】

In the dystopian world of Marvel Zombies, Earth is overrun with a zombie apocalyptic plague. Our fan favorite Earth’s heroes have undergone an undead transformation, with the same personalities and powers, but now they are driven by an insatiable desire for live flesh.

Presenting the very first collectible from Marvel comic series, Hot Toys’ 1/6th scale Zombie Deadpool collectible figure is a visually stunning piece showcasing ripped and torn muscle, tattered costume remnants that depicts the Merc with a Mouth from Marvel Zombies comic pages.

The incredibly realistic figure is crafted based on the appearance of Zombie Deadpool from Marvel Zombies comic series. Features a newly developed masked head sculpt with disgustingly beautiful details; interchangeable eye pieces and rotten mouth pieces with exposed teeth to create numerous combinations of horrifying expressions; a finely tailored red and black suit specially applied with distress effects; amazing paint work on damaged muscle tissue and exposed skeleton parts; an array of weapons including a pair of katanas, pistols, a dagger, and an arrow attachable to the head sculpt; recreation of Deadpool Crop members including zombified flying Headpool with jaw articulation, and Squirrelpool; a comic book themed backdrop with Dogpool and Duckpool joining the gang; multiple zombified hands for poses; and a specially designed dynamic figure display stand.

The 1/6th scale Zombie Deadpool Collectible Figure specially features:
– Authentic and detailed likeness of Zombie Deadpool in Marvel Zombies comics
– One (1) newly developed Zombie Deadpool head sculpted with three (3) pairs of interchangeable eye pieces and two (2) interchangeable lower faces that can create numerous combinations of expressions
– Specially recreated Zombie Deadpool’s appearance with damaged muscle tissue and exposed skeleton parts
– Approximately 31 cm tall
– Body with over 30 points of articulation
– Six (6) pieces of interchangeable hands including:
– One (1) pair of katana holding hands
– One (1) pair for pistol holding hands
– One (1) pair of gesture hands
– Each piece of head sculpt is specially hand-painted

Costume :
– One (1) red, black-colored leather-like suit with distressed detailing
– One (1) brown-colored leather-like belt with metallic red buckle and pistol holster
– One (1) pair of battle damaged black colored forearm guards
– One (1) thigh pistol holster
– One (1) dagger sheath on shin
– One (1) pair of metallic red, black-colored boots

– One (1) arrow (attachable to head sculpt)
– One (1) dagger
– Two (2) katanas
– Two (2) pistols

– One (1) Headpool with articulated jaw
– One (1) Squirrelpool
– One (1) back cross sheath
– One (1) comic book themed backdrop
– One (1) articulated figure supporting pole for Headpool (attachable to figure base)
– A dynamic figure stand with Zombie Deadpool nameplate

– 3D designed and backdrop graphic illustrated by Studio Hive

Release date: Approximately Q4, 2021 – Q1, 2022

** Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different
** Product details could be subjected to change without further notice

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