HOT TOYS x INSTINCTOY Venom (Comic) – Anti-Venom Artist Mix Figure Designed by INSTINCTOY

【Venom (Comic) – Anti-Venom Artist Mix Figure Designed by INSTINCTOY】

To increase diversity in figure collections, Hot Toys has been working with renowned artists and designers regularly in creating extraordinary collectibles. Collaborating with Hiroto Ohkubo for another inspiring project, we are excited to unveil the Anti-Venom Artist Mix Figure Designed by INSTINCTOY that re-imagines the symbiote character in alternative yet incredibly expressive palette.
While stunning shade will shine on its own, the newly introduced collectible presents exceptional painting techniques with a combination of gradient white and silver on the glow-in-the-dark material design by INSTINCTOY. This Artist Mix Figure is available only in selected markets.

Finely crafted based on the appearance of Anti-Venom in Marvel Comics, the figure portrays the ominous presence of Anti-Venom through his hulking physique, painted in gradient white color scheme with visible silver tendons on glow-in-the-dark material, distinctive web-like patterns in ultra black stretched across chest, newly painted interchangeable heads sculpts including one grinning head sculpt and one with his signature long sprawling tongue. Measures approximately 34cm in height. Designed to be a semi-articulated body with the ability to perform head, wrist and ankle movements.