TOYS ALLIANCE 2021年3月發售: 1/18 Full Action Figure Series ANNEX 2179 X TOYPIZZA FAV-H03 ANNEX 2179 – Detective Smith

Toy Alliance ANNEX 2179 X TOYPIZZA
Figures And Vehicles

FAV-H03 ANNEX 2179 – Detective Smith
Release Date:END OF March 2021
Scale:3.75inch 1/18

FAV-H03 ANNEX 2179 -史密斯偵探
比例:3.75吋 1/18

-Detective Smith / 史密斯偵探 x 1
-Submachine gun / 衝鋒槍 x 1
-Pistol / 手槍 x 2
-Cowboy hat / 牛仔帽 x 1
-Scarf / 圍巾 x1
-Hip flask / 小酒壺 x 1
-Extra neck accessories (for conversion to Acid Rain 1: 18 series) / 額外頸部配件(與酸雨戰爭1:18系列產品轉換用)x 1

As a young detective, Smith determined to change the order of this chaotic society. After joining the UD6 public security company, he transformed his eyes and implanted data analysis chips in his brain so to conduct more effective investigations.
After investigating a case of smuggling of body organs, all his family members died from a series of accidents. He could not bear the painful blows and began to feel depressed. But the data analysis chip did not stop working, a lot of information about the case kept flowing into his mind, but he could not remove it. He once risked electric shock his body in an attempt to destroy the data analysis chip, but it was futile. He could only drink alcohol all day long to escape, and finally became an alcoholic.

史密斯偵探年青時就立志要改變這個混亂社會的秩序,加入UD6治安公司後,為了更有效進行偵查工作,將眼睛進行手術改造,並在腦內植入了數據分析晶片。在追查一宗走私器官案件後,他的所有家人陸續意外死亡、他無法承受接踵而來的沉痛打擊,而開始意志消沉。但數據分析晶片不會停止運作,大量案件信息不斷湧入他的腦海,自己卻無法將其拆除。他曾經冒險將身體通電,意圖令數據分析晶片短路,但也是徒勞無功。無計可施之下,他唯有終日酗酒,麻痹大腦來逃避, 最後變成重度嗜酒者。