FLAME TOYS 2021年7月14日發售: 鐡機巧 《變形金剛 (TRANSFORMERS)》獅王(Victory Leo) US$400 (D4TOYS.COM及千值殿預訂附送獨家特別配件)

[鐵機巧] 獅王

– 與「史達」強化結合後,可變成「獅王史達」最終合體形態!
– 體積巨大,高約16cm,身長約23cm。
– 這個超可動機體全身有超過120個可動部位,可擺出各種各樣的姿勢!

尺寸:高: ~16cm (由地面至兩支大砲中間部位), 身長: ~23cm
材料:ABS, PVC, PA, POM, 合金
包裝:360 x 260 x 160mm

[KURO KARA KURI] Victory Leo

After falling victim to Deathsaurus’s Living-Metal-Destroying Cannon, Ginrai was left in an immobile state. Desiring to be of use, he insisted on undergoing an experiential procedure that would enable Ginrai to become a power-up to Star Saber. He underwent the process and became “Victory Leo” finally!
– After combining with “Star Saber”, “Victory Saber” will be the final combined for
– It is enormous with a height of approximately 16cm and a body length of about 23cm.

Size:Height: ~16cm (from ground to middle part between two huge cannons), Length: ~23cm
Materials:ABS, PVC, PA, POM, Diecast
Packing:360 x 260 x 160mm