HOT TOYS 預定2021年第1季~2021年第2季發售: 1/6《蜘蛛俠: 決戰千里》Mysterio’s Drones Accessories Set HK$610

【重現蜘蛛俠擊毀無人機的對戰 足本建構電影場面】

在《蜘蛛俠: 決戰千里》中,神秘客以全息影像投射技術來掩飾無人機的攻擊,以綠色煙霧大玩虛實視覺效果。為足本呈現電影場面,Hot Toys以Accessories Collection Series 模式,推出《蜘蛛俠: 決戰千里》神秘客的無人機1:6比例珍藏品套裝!

Hot Toys以1:6比例精心設計出約14cm 闊、13cm長、7.5cm 高的「神秘客」無人機1:6比例珍藏品套裝,整個灰藍色的無人機除了精細設計上機身的機械細節外,更細緻塗裝上戰鬥的舊化效果,機體上附設有多組槍管、炮彈與仿燈效設定,機底飾有多組螺旋槳引擎,還配有一個備有活動關節的透明支架。同時更會配置兩部迷你版無人戰機 (約5cm 闊、4.5cm長、3cm 高) 以模擬電影臨場感的景深視覺效果。

【Spider-Man: Far From Home – 1/6th scale Mysterio’s Drones Accessories Collectible Set】

“That projector is evidence. It will tell people what we are doing and how we are doing it!” – Mysterio

Uses cutting edge projection technology and drones to create incredible holographic effects of the Elementals to paint himself as a hero, Mysterio the master of illusion tricks Spider-Man in twisted reality with nightmares and horrors. To recreate the stunning fight scenes between the villain and neighborhood super hero, Hot Toys is excited to introduce the highly-detailed 1/6th scale Mysterio’s Drones Accessories collectible set from Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Meticulously crafted with fine attention to details, the drone accessories set features a 1/6th scale Mysterio Drones, measures approximately 14cm in width, 13cm in length, and 7.5cm in height; two miniature drones, measures approximately 5cm in width, 4.5cm in length, and 3cm in height; beautifully painted with battle damage effects and stretches; and a specially designed collectible stand to set up all the drones at the same time.

The 1/6th scale Mysterio’s Drones Accessories Collectible Set specially features:

– Masterfully crafted with authentic and fine details of the Spider-Drone in Spider-Man: Far From Home
– One (1) 1/6th scaled Mysterio-Drone (approximately 14cm W x 13cm L x 7.5cm H)
– Two (2) miniature Mysterio-Drones (approximately 5cm W x 4.5cm L x 3cm H)
– Skillfully applied multi-layered painting with battle damages effects and stretches

– One (1) articulated display stand (approximately 17cm H x 15.5cm L)

Release date: Approximately Q1 – Q2, 2021

**Prototype shown is not final, pending licensor approval.
**Product details can subject to change without further notice

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